10 Best Pop Punk Songs

The audiophile in search of the 10 best pop punk songs is the kind of music lover who appreciates an intricate mix between punk rock and pop, new wave and some garage metal. Around since the 1970s, greats of the genre have steadily contributed to the growing body of music that spawned the 10 best pop punk songs.

  1. “Lust for Life” by Iggy Pop. The tune dates back to 1977 and kicks off the list of the 10 best pop punk songs currently in circulation. It features collaboration by Pop and David Bowie.
  2. “Get Back” by Zebrahead. This 1998 single was part of the “Waste of Mind” album that cemented the band’s reputation in the pop punk genre.
  3. “Life Size Mirror” by No Use for a Name. Going back to 1999, the song is part of the “More Betterness!” album. Just on this side of punk rock, it nevertheless qualifies for inclusion in the pop punk genre.
  4. “Blink-182” by Blink-182. Comparatively recent with a publication date of 2003, this song is actually part of a studio album rather than a concert collection. Critics found that the melodies offset the lyrics to such an extent as to be quite unique.
  5. “Three Cheers for Five Years” by Mayday Parade. Released on the 2006 extended play recording “Tales Told by Dead Friends,” the song introduced the band to an audience that was expecting straight Emo and instead received pop punk, much to its delight.
  6. “Famous Last Words” by My Chemical Romance. Part and parcel of the 2007 rock opera entitled “The Black Parade,” critics referred to the tune as alternative rock. The purist knows it for what it really represents: pop punk’s finest.
  7. “Nine in the Afternoon” by Panic! at the Disco. Whether you are a purist and keep the exclamation mark or follow the lead of the band and drop it, this 2008 tune is well worthy of a spot among the 10 best pop punk songs. Considering that the band had previously dumped the majority of songs it was working on, it’s good that this one squeaked through.
  8. “Shut Up and Let Me Go” by The Ting Tings. The single was released in 2008 and is part of the band’s debut album “We Started Nothing.” It is interesting to note that it is also the background music to an Apple iPod ad.
  9. “Liebe Ist Für Alle Da” by Rammstein. The 10 best pop punk songs listing would be incomplete without mentioning this controversial group that may not be quite PG-13. After it leaked all over the Internet, the song (from the album with the same name) was officially released in 2009.
  10. “Perpetual Motion Machine” by Modest Mouse. The 2009 song comes from the EP “No One’s First and You’re Next.” Don’t let the band’s Indie rock rep fool you; this one is clearly a pop punk tune.

Give the tunes on this list of the 10 best pop punk songs a whirl; you might find some new bands and songs that you never really gave a chance.

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