10 Best Pop Singer

Identifying the ten best pop singers is no small task. Several of these pop stars were child stars, which suggests a link between child pop and future pop stardom. Whether the talent is natural or they’ve been groomed for it since childhood, it’s hard to deny the ten singers on this list. 

  1. Michael Jackson. As if anyone else could be at the top of this list. The self-proclaimed King of Pop still has sales records that dominate the global grosses and Guinness lists to this day. With a career spanning over forty years, few in the history of modern music can touch him. At one point, he was the most recognizable face on the planet.
  2. Madonna. She could easily call herself the Queen of Pop. For over twenty-five years she has managed to stay relevant and single-handedly changed America's attitudes toward sexuality.  A marketing genius, she has reinvented herself from 80's fad-ish pop singer to provocative megastar to British mum.
  3. Lady Gaga. She makes the list because she’s reading from Madonna's script and improvising the heck out of it. Louder, brasher and more outrageous than any pop star since the “Material Girl,” Gaga has re-invigorated the dying music video genre and continues to be a forward thinking hit machine.
  4. Justin Timberlake. Aside from being a talented singer, actor and dancer, he's the first white artist to intentionally crossover to the black audience instead of the other way around. His huge popularity and successful partnership with Timbaland helped to do away with musical segregation and allowed artists to record and act as they like. This former Disney Mousketeer has come a long way from wearing mouse ears.
  5. Prince. His Purple Majesty is one of the most multi-talented pop singers/musicians on this list. He plays over seven instruments and is so adept at them that he played all the instruments on his first album. He also sang all lead and backing vocals and recorded and mixed it himself.
  6. Britney Spears. The poster girl for a burgeoning, semi-bubbly, soon-to-be-Emo generation, Britney was post-Madonna but pre-Gaga. As a pop star, she was the savior to grunge weary radio stations and set the world on fire with her ubiquitous singles and hearts aflutter with her Lolita-esque Rolling Stone magazine cover. It makes watching her on the the Mickey Mouse Club creepy.
  7. Janet Jackson. Before her name became synonymous with the words "wardrobe malfunction," Miss Jackson carved her own identity out of the shadow of her family and superstar brother. From cute child actor to girl next-door pop star to singing siren, her dances moves and concert shows are the stuff of legend. 
  8. Beyonce. There's no denying what Beyonce has accomplished since breaking out of her childhood girl group, Destiny's Child. A voluptuous woman with unmistakable vocals, a signature backside and body popping dance moves, she’s transcended the definition of a pop singer and parlayed all of that into multiple endorsements and movie roles.
  9. Hall & Oates. Okay, they're a duo but the sound is so unmistakable that they might as well be one. They’re that smooth sound that goes easy on a weekend afternoon or when talking on the phone to that girl you just met that you don’t want your bros to know you really like. 
  10. George Michael. What would a celebrity be without a little tarnish on his shine? Known as much for his antics outside the recording booth, the voice on this singer is simply incredible. For pop music lovers, he will go down as one of the best.



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