10 Best Pop Songs 2008

There were many good contenders for the list of the 10 best pop songs 2008, but only the finest songs of the year made the cut. The best pop songs often involve love, sex and dating. Good pop songs have a fast tempo, a good singer and easy to remember lyrics. The following songs have all of those qualities and more.

  1. "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on it)" Beyonce Knowles. This was probably the best pop song of 2008. Beyonce wore a bizarre looking outfit and forced people to watch her participate in an awkward looking dance routine but the song got stuck in people's heads and it made her millions. 
  2. "I Kissed a Girl," Katy Perry. Nobody had ever heard of Katy Perry before 2008 but her song about a brief experiment with lesbianism was an instant hit. Katy has become well known for her perky breasts but as this song proved she knows how to make a top 10 pop hit. 
  3. "7 Things," Miley Cyrus. The star of "Hannah Montana," decided to move into the real world in 2008 and this song introduced her to an older crowd. Miley has a way to go to match the singing escapades of her Dad but recording one of the best 10 pop songs of 2008 is a good way to start. 
  4. "Circus," Britney Spears. You couldn't have come up with a more appropriate name than "Circus," for a Britney song in 2008. The one time American sweetheart had evolved into a troubled woman but her songs keep coming. 
  5. "Don't Stop the Music," Rhianna. Talking of troubled stars, Rhianna has had her fair share of off-screen problems but it hasn't hampered her ability to make great pop songs. This memorable number was her big hit of 2008. 
  6. "Heartless," Kanye West. He may not regard himself as a pop star but anyone who uses auto tune has to expect to be categorized as a pop musician. When Kanye is not disrupting award ceremonies he makes some good songs. 
  7. "One Step at a Time," Jordin Sparks. The one-time "American Idol" contestant had one of the best pop hits of 2008 with this song. Jordin attracted lots of male admirers for her looks but her music made her into a star.
  8. "I'm Yours," Jason Mraz. This song has become a favorite with TV producers looking for background music. Jason brought an island style and made it mainstream and it was easily one of the best picks of 2008.
  9. "Viva La Vida," Coldplay. Marrying Gwyneth Paltrow would be enough for most men but Chris can't keep away from his piano and keeps turning out great hits. This was the top song to come out of England in 2008 and is just another Coldplay classic.
  10. "So What," Pink. It wouldn't see right to have a top 10 pop list without a mention of Pink. The opinionated diva had a good 2008 and this song was a big hit across the U.S. "So what?" was the title but to her it meant a nice big paycheck.
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