10 Best Pop Songs Ever

The 10 best pop songs ever written have very unique styles, sounds, lyrics, and overall appeal. Most of these songs were recorded by early artists of the genre decades ago, and the success of the tunes has yet to be seriously challenged. Classic pop artists really set the stage for all music that has followed in more recent years. Listed below are the ten best pop songs ever.

  1. "Hey Jude," The Beatles: This song was released by The Beatles in 1968. It was wildly popular then, and it still is today. It exemplifies The Beatles' take on the genre, and it is a very popular tune among cover artists as well.
  2. "Satisfaction," The Rolling Stones: Released in 1965, "(I Can't Get Know) Satisfaction" is one of the band's signature songs. The song touches on many of the social and industrial changes that was affecting the world at the time, including commercialism.
  3. "My Generation," The Who: Released in 1965, "My Generation" is provocative and it expressed a common sentiment at the time. The song has a very poppy, upbeat and lively sound.
  4. "Good Vibrations," The Beach Boys: Released in 1966, this song has a very upbeat sound to it, and it represents good interactions and times. This is one of the fundamental American boy band songs that preceded those of most of the modern groups by about three decades.
  5. "Yesterday," The Beatles: This is essentially a pop take on the hardships of love. Unlike the countless other songs that touch on the subject, this one has a very unique perspective, which focuses only on returning to the way things once were.
  6. "The Tide is High," Blondie: Originally written by John Holt, Blondie had the most successful cover version. It is very poppy in sound, and really emphasizes the unique instruments used in its recording.
  7. "London Calling," The Clash: This 1979 song has an early punk/pop/rock sound. It, like many popular songs of the time, references social factors of the times, and problems with society.
  8. "Let it Be," The Beatles: This song from the Beatles was released in 1970. It has a wonderfully unique sound and remarkably peaceful premise.
  9. "I Want to Hold your Hand," The Beatles: The Beatles were the most prominent pop group ever, and this song really conforms to their pop song style. It is a love song, but it also has touches of a tune that gets people to get up and dance. It was released in 1963.
  10. "Won't Get Fooled Again," The Who: This song has a distinct pop/rock sound that has a very direct message. It touches on the political and social realms, and essentially emphasizes how people cannot have certain expectations for society.

These songs set the standard for the modern songs of the genre that are popular today. Each song has unique sound, and each has a specific theme or message that relates to life and society.

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