10 Best Popular Workout Songs

Working out is no fun without the right music, so here are 10 best popular workout songs. These songs span decades, and remain timeless in their ability to make a person get up and sweat, so read on if you want to run that extra mile.

  1. "Eye Of The Tiger" – Survivor. An iconic song from the movie "Rocky," this is a great song for when you want a vigorous workout. It has just the right tempo and rhythm, ensuring a good balanced workout, and will make you beat that punching bag to a pulp.
  2. "You Shook Me All Night Long" – AC/DC. Another classic song that makes a popular workout song, the hidden factor that makes this song so popular is that it starts out slow and becomes faster paced as the song progresses. Don't be surprised if your workout slowly increases in intensity while listening to this song.
  3. "Starstruck" – Lady GaGa. Lady GaGa specializes in fast pop songs that are ideal for a good workout. "Starstruck" is one such song; it has a fast, clunky beat that sounds much better than your typical pop song. It makes for a fantastic workout, and is good for when you want to fantasize about being a rockstar when you're feeling that lactic acid buildup in your muscles.
  4. "Electric Feel" – MGMT. A song about gorgeous girls will just make you want to work out harder. It has an unusual sound, and includes instruments, a high vocal range, and a Timo Maas vibe – ultimately making it a song that will make you want to get up and dance. 
  5. "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" – Leo Sayer. A vintage song from the 70's about dancing, what could make a better workout? Though slower than your typical workout song, its lyrics will literally make you want to workout.
  6. "Bad Romance" – Lady GaGa. Love her or hate her, theres no denying that "Bad Romance" is one of Lady GaGa's strongest party hits. Whether it's the lyrics, the video, or GaGas hypnotic voice, this song demands you to get up and move and will definitely make your workouts all the more intense.
  7. "Calle Ocho" – PitBull. A fast paced song about a guy that knows the girls want him, this is another great workout song that will make you buff and self assured! What could be better?
  8. "Rock And Roll" – Led Zepellin. This is another classic that makes a great workout song, mainly because of the fact that there are absolutely no breaks between the music, making it a continuous, fast paced song that will make any workout enjoyable.
  9. "Boom Boom Pow" – Black Eyed Peas. The Black Eyed Peas' latest album is all about the energy, making each song fast paced, energetic and absolutely irresistible. "Boom Boom Pow" is no exception, and it's childish lyrics are overlooked because of its beat that just makes you want to move.
  10. "Gettin' Over You" – David Guetta and Fergie. A little known Guetta song, it starts slow and progresses into a rhythmic song that makes you want to run faster, pull weights at a greater intensity, and punch the punching bag even harder.
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