10 Best Post Break Up Movies

Looking for the 10 best post break up movies to watch after splitting up with someone? Well, that's awesome because this article will provide you with the top 10 best post break up movies of all time voted by users on the web. Breaking up is hard to do, but after the fact, it's hilarious to watch on film! So rather than crying, grab a movie and watch great break up movies for pick me up!

  1. "High Fidelity". If you are looking for cool witty lines, great music, and great humor overing break ups, check out "High Fidelity". This is John Cusack at his coolest. After a series of bad relationships, Gordon goes back through his previous relationships to see what went wrong.
  2. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". If you need raunchy humor with giggles all the way through, this is the break up movie for you. After Miss Sarah Marshall dumps her long time boyfriend for a wacko rocker, they end up on the same vacation island paradise. Along the way, bunches of stuff happens including a Dracula play!
  3. "The Break-Up". This movie is as close to the real thing as you get. This movie is funny at times, but also depicts a real life couple breaking up. When this couple decides that enough is enough, you watch the meltdown of a broken up couple still living together.
  4. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind". This is a more dramatic movie, but it's great to watch after a break up. This movie depicts what would happen if you could actually erase relationship memories straight out of your mind.
  5. "The Heartbreak Kid". This is another great humorous break up movie that will give you a great laugh about relationships. After this guy marries a wacko girl, he finds out what true love actually is about. It's a great movie to watch to lift your spirits.
  6. "The Wedding Singer". With all of the 80's music combined with Barrymore and Sandler's humor, this is sure to be a great break up movie. After Barrymore has agreed to marry a rich snobby guy, she finds the wedding singer (Sandler) who just happens to be who she truly loves.
  7. "My Super Ex-Girlfriend". This break up movie has a simple story line that is hilarious. They met, he breaks it off, and the girl becomes completely crazy. After that, she becomes the 'superhero' of the town. It's a great laugh about breaking up.
  8. "Saving Silverman". This is also another great break up movie, especially for the guys out there. Silverman has a very controlling girlfriend, which his friends kidnap, leaving him time to find his long lost love.
  9. "Closer". This is another dramatic break up movie, but this movie will actually make you think about your past relationships. Two couples have relationship troubles, and a woman (Julia Roberts) meets the man from the other couple, the two couples become involved in a dramatic love square. It's centered on what a person needs at that time in their life, with a very confusing love square, "Closer" will make you think about breaking up in a different way.
  10. "Kill Bill". This break up movie has it all. Whether you need action, drama, or love triangles "Kill Bill" will get your mind off of things. After Thurman's husband tries to kill her over and over, she gets her revenge. Be glad you survived your break up!
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