10 Best Power Ballads

Indulge in the ultimate guilty pleasures of Rock music with the 10 best power ballads. Power ballads are the songs that we all love to hate. They are sad songs that are drenched in heartache, woe, and desperation, but tuned up with soaring riffs. No matter how much we swear to hate them in public, a good power ballad is able to touch something in us that makes us love it despite their tendency towards cheesy.

  1. "In the Air Tonight" (Phil Collins)- A power ballad that is best known for one of the best drum breaks in the history of music.
  2. "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" (Poison)- The country/rock power ballad that put us in touch with the softer side of glam-rock. Who says guys in eye-liner and spandex are heartless?
  3. "Alone" (Heart)- This may be the song where the Wilson sisters traded in the hard rock for the soft rock, but no one can belt out a power ballad like Ann Wilson.
  4. "Silent Lucidity" (Queensryche)- Depending on who you ask, this song is either about lucid dreaming or it was written to comfort some kid who was afraid of the dark. No matter which story you want to go with, this song is all awesome all the time.
  5. "To Be With You" (Mr. Big)- A slightly different take on the power ballad. Instead of going with the big riffs, Mr. Big kept the melodies light, tight and almost acoustic. One of many power ballads guys used this one to get the ladies back in high school.
  6. "Total Eclipse of the Heart" ( Bonnie Taylor)– Bonnie Taylor's power ballad classic is somewhere in between gut wrenching and utterly terrifying. Twenty years later and we are still freaked out by the kids with the glowing eyes in this video. On the plus side, she did manage to work in some sweet ninjas.
  7. "I Would Do Anything For Love" (Meatloaf)– Between this song and "Paradise by the Dashboard Light," Meatloaf is the undisputed king of the power ballad.
  8. "Blaze of Glory" (Bon Jovi)– The ending theme of the 80's cowboy classic "Young Guns" was one of the best power ballads of its day because it was all about Billy the Kidd.
  9. "November Rain" (Guns-N-Roses)– Axel Rose's epic opus to his own awesomeness is a brilliant mix of greatness and hilarity.
  10. "More Than Words" (Extreme)– A perfect blend of awesome and lame. "More Than Words" entails everything that a good power ballad should be.

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