10 Best Power Metal Bands

Here are the 10 best power metal bands. Power metal is somewhat like speed metal and a little bit like thrash. Guaranteed, after you listen to this list, you will be banging your head with the best of them.

  1. Judas Priest. We begin the list with the group that helped inspire the genre. Judas Priest has been anointed "metal Gods" because of their influence of this style. "Screaming for Vengeance" is a great example of their power. This British band is everything that defines power metal.
  2. Iron Maiden Another band that is responsible for the inception of power metal. Iron Maiden is another British band that has released 31 albums; no one can deny their influence on metal. "The Number of the Beast" is arguably their best album.
  3. Pantera. This band from Texas was an underground favorite. They did break up but came up with a new line up, a common occurrence in the world of metal. Either way, this is a great power metal band. "Vulgar Display of Power" from 1992 is a true testament to their power.
  4. 3 Inches of Blood. This Canadian power metal band rocks.  There have been many members, but what is consistent is the intensity and speed of their music. A true force. Check out "Battlecry Under a Winter Sun", which showcases the influence of Iron Maiden.
  5. Primal Fear.  This German band had some commercial success.  They often deal with science fiction in their music and are a true representation of what  good power metal band should be. Listen to "Devil' Ground" and you will feel their power.
  6. Nevermore." This Seattle metal band has put out seven great albums. Their debut album also titled "Nevermore" released in 1995 is their best. When considering the best of power metal bands "Nevermore" belongs on the list evermore. ("Quoth the raven")
  7. Storm Warrior. This German band opened for "Helloween"  and that tells you something. Check out their self entitled album as well as "Heading North" to get a sense of what this band has to offer.
  8. Rage. Another German band, this group is an excellent example of what a true power metal band should be. Even the name exudes power; this is a great metal band that you must check out. "Carved in Stone" is a great example of their work.
  9. Nightmare. This metal band is from France and was on the scene in the late 70's, but with a new line up, they kept the music going. Listen to "Genetic Disorder"  released in 2008.
  10. Seven Sins. You will want to indulge yourself by checking out this power metal band. They are from Sweden and have a fantasy element to many of their songs. "Heaven's Dust" is the best example of their power. They complete the list of the best power metal bands.
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