10 Best Prom Dance Movies

If you came here looking for perfect stories of prom and happily ever after, turn back now—this is the 10 Best Prom Movies and none of them involve a perfect prom or even happy endings for that matter. Instead, they involve drama, suspense and, in all likelihood, a little bit of violence. So, continue on to find out what made the cut for the 10 Best Prom Dance Movies ever made:

  1. "Carrie" – To say this isn't one of the 10 Best Prom Movies ever made would be to say it didn't exist. Carrie made people remember to never piss off the outcast because she always has a way of getting even.
  2. "Prom Night" – Obviously the original Prom Movie and also one of the scariest. This is the reason why a guy should never double-cross a woman especially when it comes to prom. To say women aren't insane when it comes to prom in the first place is a complete understatement.
  3. "She's All That" – A little less crazy and a little more dramatic. This is a complete chick flick that has a pretty amazing prom that has since become a cliche for every movie that has followed it. 
  4. "Prom Night" (Remake) – This actually doesn't follow the original "Prom Night" at all but is a pretty interesting movie in its own respect. So much of this movie will cause you to jump and it all starts with one of the best and most exquisite proms ever.
  5.  "Not Another Teen Movie" – Sure, this is a parody of teen romance but the prom in it is absolutely hilarious. In terms of 10 Best Prom Movies, this one is definitely one of the funniest.
  6. "Pretty in Pink" – Molly Ringwald is the original teen queen. Her first prom was a moment to remember during "Pretty in Pink" as it would allow every teen of the era to learn what pop culture considered a prom to be.
  7. "American Pie" – This original new-gen Prom Movie hands down. American Pie is a movie that made the switch from old-style movies to the cutting-edge risque films everyone comes to expect now. This movie enters the 10 Best Prom Movies also as one of the sexiest and most raunchiest of the list.
  8. "10 Things I Hate About You" – The prom is always the culmination, this is a fact. "10 Things I Hate About You" has the chase, the love and everything that could be expected from a teen drama filled with angst and rebellion. This is one of the 10 Best Prom Movies ever because it was able to deliver to the crowd on so many different levels.
  9.  "Never Been Kissed" – This is the one that turns out all right and has every person crying about the way a Prom Movie should always turn out. This was a bone thrown out to the girls who believe that true love exists and blah, blah, blah. 10 Best Prom Movie because of the emotions invoked.
  10. "Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion" – Granted, this isn't much of a Prom Movie more than it all relates back to a prom night. This was chosen just because of how funny and awesome it is. If you want to laugh about prom, this is the movie to choose.

Prom was fun for what most high schoolers can remember of it. If you are reading this to get prepared for prom, don't be an idiot. Everything that happens in every one of these movies will not happen to you so just go out and have fun. Remember, prom is the one night of the year you can forget about cliques and popularity and just go for it. What it is? If you don't know, you never will. Fact.

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