10 Best Prom Queens

The 10 best prom queens couldn’t be more different from one another. Some went for the crown using trickery, deceit, and high body counts. Others got exactly what they deserved. And a select few eschewed the popularity contests and decided to just be themselves.

  1. Mary Lou Maloney/Vicki Carpenter “Hello, Mary Lou: Prom Night II” (1987) If one of the candidates for Prom Queen in your high school dressed like a prostitute and killed a bunch of people, chances are she was possessed by the spirit of a vengeful former Prom Queen. The tag team of Mary Lou and Vicki did just that, spelling revenge with the blood of those who kept Mary Lou from claiming the crown denied her thirty years earlier.
  2. Taylor Vaughan “She’s All That” (1999) Taylor is the de facto Queen in “She’s All That”. She’s also tries to be Zack Siler’s again-girlfriend after getting dumped by her latest flame. But the audience doesn’t forget how coldly she dumped Zack the first time. Oh no, nor do they forgive. The upside is that Taylor’s behavior teaches Zack who he really cares for (see Laney Boggs).
  3. Courtney Alice Shane “Jawbreaker” (1999) Any cruel-spirited wench who goes the distance to secure Prom Queen by killing the frontrunner and manipulating everyone in her path deserves a place on the list of best prom queens. Kudos to her for inadvertently turning her former clique into compassionate human beings who mastermind her comeuppance.
  4. Kara and Sara Fratelli “Not Another Teen Movie” (2001) Kara and Sara deserve to be among the best prom queens for showing the world that conjoined Siamese twins can be as popular as anyone else. They do so well in the Prom Queen voting, in fact, that they tie—with each other.
  5. Laney Boggs “She’s All That” (1999) If Taylor Vaughan is the de facto Prom Queen in “She’s All That”, Laney is the Prom Queen of the audience’s heart. Zack’s sleazy and immature bet with Dean to turn Laney into the Prom Queen backfires as he’s wooed by her inner beauty and becomes a better person himself.
  6. Prom Queen “Dance of the Dead” (2008) The audience never learns much about the Prom Queen in “Dance of the Dead”. Not even her name. All they know is she’s found with a struggling band of survivors after the zombie outbreak, and one can only assume that Her Royal Prom Majesty used her leadership skills to shelter the not-yet-undead from the flesh-eating Prom-goers on the dance floor.
  7. Peggy Sue Bodell “Peggy Sue Got Married” (1986) When Peggy Sue is awarded Queen of her high school reunion, she blacks out and envisions the way her life should have been. This includes, among other things, going after the guy she truly cares for and telling people what she thinks of them. If that’s not the mark of one of the best Prom Queens, then what is?
  8. Kim Hammond “Prom Night” (1980) You have to love a Prom Queen who stands up to a masked killer by trying to off him with his own axe. Kim gets bonus points for stopping the police from riddling his body with bullets after she connects the dots on the his identity.
  9. Carrie White “Carrie” (1976) The outcast’s Prom Queen, Carrie finishes high on the list for landing a deadly, telekinetic uppercut to the jaw of every snobby, popular mug at the prom. Problem is, if you were an outcast who had the misfortune of attending Carrie’s prom, you didn’t make it out alive, either. Meh. The price you pay for revenge.
  10. Cady Heron “Mean Girls” (2004) Technically her dance is the Spring Fling, but everyone knows Spring Fling equals Prom. Cady goes undercover in the popular clique to get revenge for an unpopular friend. She becomes one of them, however, only to renounce popularity and its trappings after being voted Queen of the Prom—er, Spring Fling. Anyone willing to go the distance for a friend who later defies the high school pecking order on the biggest stage gets top vote for best prom queen.
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