10 Best Psychedelic Rock Band Songs

The ten best psychedelic rock band songs is assuredly a relative list.  These songs, however, are favorites among those who crave musical transcendental experience.  Bringing order out of chaos  is a mantra of psychedelic intercourse.  These ten psychedelic songs bring their unique interpretation of this concept.

  1. "Are You Experienced?", Jimi Hendrix.  This song, which not so strangely sounds just as good backward as it does forward, is typical of Hendrix's other-worldy guitar skills.  Jimi is experienced indeed.
  2. "China Cat Sunflower", The Grateful Dead.  Being interpreted adamantly by deadheads the world over, China Cat is one of the Dead's trippiest compositions.  Robert Hunter, the author, said it best, "It's about acid, enough said.".
  3. "White Rabbit", Jefferson Airplane.  This song is purportedly about Alice's trip to Wonderland.  It is classic psychedelic genre, and has been on the playlist of many inner-space argonauts for decades.
  4. "The End", The Doors.  The End is not even considered a song by some fans; it is considered a ceremony.  The song takes the listener on a journey through life, death, and the afterlife.
  5. "Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun", Pink Floyd.  Transcendental space travel is the apparent theme of this song.  Fans are enamored by haunting love prose and the spacey ambient melody.
  6. "Divided Sky", Phish.  This composition is part of the mythology of Gamehendge, a world created by the members of the band while in college.  It contains a long musical jam that tells the story of eating a suspicious, magical root.
  7. "Tomorrow Never Knows", The Beatles.  Touted to be the best of The Beatles many psychedelic tunes, the song is a meditative experience.  It boasts intricate cello and violin parts, and takes the listener on a ride down a hallucinogenic stream.
  8. "Divine Moments of Truth", Shpongle.  The act of being present is this song's claim to fame.  It is musical geometry in the eyes of psychedelic music fans.
  9. "Maggot Brain", Parliament Funkadelic.  This song is mostly instrumental and heavy on trippy bass undertones.  It is a tragic, but moving journey through a psychedelic musical resurrection.
  10. "Other Side of the Sky", Gong.  The song, while hard to put into words, portrays a feeling of the interconnectedness of life.  It truly portrays the "order from chaos" concept that the psychedelic music scene generates.
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