10 Best Psycho Scary Movies

There are loads of films in the entertainment world meant to scare you out of your skin, but what would be considered the 10 best psycho scary movies of all time? Really, any schmuck with a camera can make a film about a murderer, but it takes someone with real talent and creativity to make a psycho-slasher film that will frighten a person to the core, make them void their bladder or scream like a girl. Some of the films we’ve included in our scary movies list encompass entire series, while others are more of the one-shot variety.

  1. "Psycho". How could this not be integrated into this list when the bloody title contains the word ‘psycho?’ This is the film that’s acknowledged for the legendary murder scene in a motel shower. While quite insipid by today’s horror standards, this film was entirely ahead of its time when it debuted and set the bar for future psycho movies.
  2. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". A group of young adults happens across a family of cannibalistic grave robbers, one of them being the illustrious Leatherface – a psychotic character notorious for cutting off people’s faces and using them as masks. The part that’ll really make your flesh crawl is this is one of many movies inspired by the real-life, body-snatching murderer Ed Gein.
  3. "Silence of the Lambs". This film is a bit unlike other slasher movies – rather than spotlighting bloody murder exclusively like many scary movies tend to do, the star maniac here also happens to be utterly brilliant. Hannibal Lecter – former psychiatrist turned cannibalistic nutcase – is recruited to help an FBI agent find another psycho killer. If Anthony Hopkins was ever born to play a role, it was that of Lecter.
  4. "House of 1000 Corpses". Like we could write this list without including a Rob Zombie film. First in Zombie’s line of scary movies, this story deals with two couples who happen upon the charming Firefly family – people who enjoy torturing and killing others and partaking in Satanic rituals. Gore, torture, death, clowns and bunny suits…yeah, sounds like Rob’s handiwork.
  5. "Halloween". And here, we have one of many classic horror movies from the 70s. Six-year-old Michael Myers murders his teenage sister on Halloween night and is consequently admitted to a sanatorium. But lo and behold, Myers escapes to hunt and kill more people on Halloween, fifteen years after being incarcerated.
  6. "Se7en". A mystifying serial killer bases his slayings upon the seven deadly sins and subsequently murders people who are immeasurably guilty of committing the aforesaid sins. A retiring detective and his young replacement team up to try and stop the killer before it’s too late.
  7. "Frailty". A man receives supposed visions from God, telling him that he must go out and purge the world of demons by killing people he’s informed are actually evil. The man’s son Fenton feels what is happening is immoral and speaks out against it, but his father does his best to make Fenton understand that their family was chosen to carry out God’s will.
  8. "Saw" (the series). A deranged killer simply called Jigsaw does something a bit different with his victims. Rather than kill them himself, he puts them into situations where they have to kill one another or themselves in order to try and get out alive. Jigsaw sees this all as entertainment and typically makes it so there can never be a winner.
  9. "The Strangers". Few movies achieve what this one does, and that’s the likelihood that what happens could arise in reality. Following a friend’s wedding reception, a couple returns home, only to have their house invaded by masked strangers. Said outsiders go on to try and kill the house’s inhabitants simply because they happened to be home that day.
  10. "Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer". Henry just seems like your average guy trying to make ends meet, but underneath that ordinary, well-mannered exterior is a psychopath with a taste for murder who knows how to stay one step ahead of the police.
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