10 Best Pump Up Basketball Songs

The 10 best pump up basketball songs are all perfect to get in the mind set to succeed. These songs will all boost your energy making you fully prepared to do your best. You'll find yourself playing these songs repeatedly to get fully active and prepared for a game.

  1. High School Musical, "Get Your Head in the Game": This song is the ideal basketball song, with lyrics encouraging inspiration to play basketball. The song has a diverse array of singers, each with outstanding vocal skills. The beat is fun and upbeat to get you fully pumped for a basketball game.
  2. Skeelo, "I Wish": The lyrics alone are enough to get you pumped up to play basketball. The rhymes are creative and a perfect match with an exciting beat that will fill you with energy. You won't be disappointed with such an inspirational power-packed song.
  3. House of Pain, "Jump Around": This classic song is the ideal song to get energy and inspiration. The lyrics and beat are filled with energy, coupled with great singing it makes an outstanding basketball song. You'll find yourself playing much better if you play this song before a game.
  4. Lil Bow Wow, "Basketball": Lil Bow Wow's voice is fused perfectly with female choral vocals to make a song that will pump you up. The rhymes about basketball make this song an absolutely perfect song to hear before a game. It definitely is one of the best songs you can use to see your game improve.
  5. Lil Wayne and Notorious BIG, "Spit Yo Game": The combination of Lil Wayne and Notorious BIG makes a high impact song. This is great to listen to any time of day, but is particularly great as a pre-game song. It's ideal for basketball, a pump up song you won't want to overlook.
  6. Nelly, "Heart of a Champion": This song is superb to warm up before a game. The lyrics make numerous references to basketball and encourage the listener to give it their all. It's a song that good fill anyone with energy, a must have for your basketball playlist.
  7. Nirvana, "Smells Like Teen Spirit": This song is quite unique but effective as a basketball pump up song. It's a song sung with passion that builds up to a powerful beat. You don't want to exclude this Nirvana classic.
  8. R. Kelly, "The World's Greatest": Everyone loves this song for the powerful self-righteous undertones. This song inspires strength, power and skill—perfect for preparing for a game. It's a great song for you to get pumped up to play basketball.
  9. Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger": We all know this song as the classic "Rocky" film training song. It's perfect for its ability to evoke energy and confidence. It is absolutely one of the best songs to get pumped up for basketball.
  10. Pussycat Dolls, "Beep": This song has an electronic background that mirrors dribbling, giving the song a feel of basketball. The fast pace helps build energy to give you the inspiration to play your best. It's absolutely one of the best basketball pump up songs.
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