10 Best Pump Up Rap Songs 2010

These 10 best pump up rap songs of 2010 are meant to give you a kick start to get on with your day and not just play mope around. Rather than crying your heart out, hit the play button of your music player and sing your best.

  1. "Power" Kanye West may not have the best attitude, but when it comes to making great music, he sure is one talented guy. His song "Power" is the best pump up rap songs of 2010 because it's infectious, making you want to hit the dance floor once you hear him rap.
  2. "Not Afraid" From Eminem’s smash album "Recovery" comes another pump up rap song of 2010. Eminem’s lyrics are just wonderful in this song, telling the listener to stand up for what he believes in. After hearing this, you will surely be brave.
  3. "Bet I Bust" Another one of the ten best pump up rap songs of 2010 is "Bet I Bust." B.o.B. and T.I. did an amazing job with this song since it's played in most parties since it was released. With its addictive words and melody, it won’t be a wonder if it keeps playing on your music player.
  4. "Billionaire" Who doesn’t want to become a billionaire? It ain’t bad to dream, right? So be like Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars and hit the notes with this song. With the things that they are planning to do, you will be inspired to do better to become like that in the future?
  5. "I Need a Dollar" This is the intro song of the show "How to Make It in America," sung by Aloe Blacc. This is a song that when you hear it for the first time, you will play it a thousand times again.
  6. "Hold On" King Driis sings one of the ten best pump up rap songs of 2010, which is actually the song from "The Wire Frame." With King Driis's rapping abilities and Jamaican ragamuffin, this song will surely have you singing and dancing to the beats of the song.
  7.  "No Wheaties" In this song, Big KRIT, Currey and Smoke DAZA prove that they are really great rap artists. They did an amazing job with the song and their performance will surely pump your mood.
  8.  "Trillionaire" A song that will certainly pump you up is "Trillionaire" by Bun B., featuring T-Pain. With the powerful vocals of these two rap artists and the catchy lyrics of the song, you will certainly be up on your feet to get on with your day.
  9. "Blow Up" The amazing vocals of J-Cole will surely blow you up once you hear this song. In this song, he still has got the spark that made him become one of the most looked-up rap artists.
  10. "Let It Rock" You have heard this song by Kevin Rudolf and Lil Wayne almost everywhere—in NFL, NBA and many more shows and events. This song will really make you rock.
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