10 Best Pump Up Songs For Basketball

Choosing the 10 best pump-up songs for basketball is difficult. There are many songs out there today that can do just that, pump you up for a game of basketball. So, what are the best pump-up songs for basketball? Basketball's best pump-up songs need to have three elements. The music has to be tight. The beats have to have the ability to fracture the speakers. And a good basketball pump-up song needs lyrics to make you bounce your head to. Check these songs out.

  1. "Thug Love" Yes, you knew that 2Pac would be represented on this list. "Thug Love" has one of the hardest, most unique beats ever constructed. There's a sound of a gun firing incorporated into the very fabric of the beat. And you know 2Pac was the best at invoking feelings of anger and animosity in his songs. It's easily one of the best pump-up songs for basketball.
  2. "X Gon' Give It To Ya" DMX is the human personification of energy. His hype songs are really, well, hype! This song is the best of the best in DMX's catalogue of pump-up music. The beat is grimy. His lyrics hit like a punch to the chest. You'll definitely be charged up after hearing this joint.
  3. "The Hand That Feeds" Nine Inch Nails is known for having the ability to make the audience feel certain emotions while listening to their music. This is the song you choose if you want to pump yourself up for a basketball game. The lyrics make you want to quit your job, so you know they'll pump you up on the court.
  4. "Time 4 Sum Aksion" Let's get ready to rumble! That's how the song starts. And rumble he does. This song is what cemented Redman as one of the wildest, most energetic emcees in the game. Listen to this jam. Then run out on the floor and stomp your opponents. That's an order.
  5. "Halftime" This particularly energetic piece comes from Nas' first album, "Illmatic." And that's exactly what it is. Nas has always been known to beat up the track with strong lyrical performances. But this particular song showcases a very hard beat that keeps up perfectly with his flow. It's like a shot of caffeine to directly to the heart.
  6. "Rabia"  Created by Nonpoint, this song is originally in Spanish. There is an English version floating around out there, but it loses some of its spark. These guys are straight angry at the world on this track. Anger is a good emotion to have when you're playing a sport. It helps you focus. Listen to this song and get focused.
  7. "4,3,2,1" LL Cool J, Canibus, DMX and a host of other artists rip this track in half. Basketball teams have actually adopted this song for the sole purpose of pumping up their players. Listen to it and you'll know why. That classically hard Def Jam sound and some of the best lyricists in the game will get you ready for the showdown.
  8. "Hit 'Em High" Remember "Space Jam"? Yeah, the movie kind of sucked. The soundtrack wasn't something to really write home about either. But, there was one song that straight murdered the speakers. "Hit 'Em High" was that jam. Once again, a team of some of the best emcees in the game came through and beat the track to a pulp lyrically. This song was made for ball players. Simple as that.
  9. "Lapdance" This is probably one of the hardest songs the Neptunes have ever released. It fuses rock and hip hop and creates a monster of musical production. It makes you want to break something. 
  10. "Protect Ya Neck" Arguably one of the best songs Wu Tang Clan has ever released. Every emcee on the track came correct. Each verse is more electric than the last. This song invokes emotion in the listener and just builds it up until it bubbles over. You could choose just this one song and put it on repeat to pump up. If this jam doesn't pump you up for basketball, you might want to consider playing table tennis.
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