10 Best Pump Up Songs Ever

If you are looking to get your adrenaline pumping, look no further than these ten best pump up songs. If these pump up songs don't get your blood flowing and heart pounding, nothing will! These songs are great for working out to, getting yourself psyched up for that big presentation at work or working up to ask out that hottie who lives in your apartment building.

  1. Kickstart My Heart by Motley Crue. Nothing will get your blood racing like a song about top fuel funny cars, skydiving naked from an airplane and racing down the road on a custom built. This pump up song was made for adrenaline junkies.
  2. Rock and Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter. A staple at sporting events and venues worldwide, nothing gets a crowd pumped up quite like this tune.
  3. Thunderstruck by AC/DC. The intro of this pump up song starts with a guitar and some vague lyrics which builds to a fist pumping crescendo as the song kicks into high gear. You can't help but feel electricity in the air when this song plays.
  4. Pump Up The Volume by M.A.R.R.S. This song features an eclectic mix of electronic beats, random lyrics, scratching, sound effects and a heavy bass beat. If this song doesn't get your blood moving a little bit faster, you must be dead.
  5. Eye Of The Tiger by Survivor. If it is good enough to get Rocky Balboa pumped up, it's good enough for you! This song was prominently featured in the movie "Rocky III".
  6. More Human Than Human by White Zombie. As if screaming guitars and pounding bass weren't enough to get your blood pumping, White Zombie ties in the lyric "more human than human". This song is guaranteed to pump you up as you get your rock on.
  7. Pump Up The Jam by Technotronic. This late 80's dance song features a bass beat that is sure to get your toes tapping, head bobbing and adrenaline surging.
  8. Bring The Noise by Public Enemy and Anthrax. When you mix one of the hardest rocking bands of the 80's with one of the most controversial rap acts of the same decade, you get a pump up song like no other. This melding of rock and rap combined the best of both worlds and has become an anthem for the late 80's and early 90's.
  9. I Got A Feelin' by The Black Eyed Peas. Catchy lyrics, high energy beats and a positive vibe rocking through this song makes it a classic pump up song even though it is relatively new to the scene.
  10. 1-2-3-4 (Sumpin' New) by Coolio. The funky beat and funkier lyrics make this song make this song an instant pick me up. It will have your spirits lifting and heart pounding in no time.
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