10 Best Pump Up Songs For Hockey

The 10 best pump up songs for hockey get the players and the crowd in the mood for blood. The fast paced sport calls for beat thumping tunes to sing, clap and stomp along with. While opinions vary, these songs are sure to raise the blood pressure and get everyone pumped and ready.

  1. "Kick Start my Heart" – Motley Crue. Topping the list of pump up songs for hockey is the tune by the hard rocking, tattoo covered, long haired boys from Los Angeles. The song tells the listener about coming back to life and living it to the fullest. The fast paced pounding beat gets everyone moving.
  2. "Sandstorm" – Derude. This thumping techno tune makes the list of pump up songs for hockey. The song starts slow and reaches fever pitch by the end, causing all who hear it to pump up as the music progresses.
  3. "Eye of the Tiger" – Survivor. This tune associated with the "Rocky" movie series hits the list of pump up songs for hockey. The story of a man who refuses to give up, but instead stand up to his adversaries gives fans and players a sense of invincibility.
  4. "You're Going Down" – Sick Puppies. This new alternative tune makes the list of pump up songs for hockey. The lyrics of giving your adversary a pounding are inspirational prior to a hockey game.
  5. "Smells Like Teen Spirit" – Nirvana. Pump up songs for hockey come from all genres, grunge included. This 1990's tune gets everyone head banging to the nonsensical lyrics.
  6. "Back in Black" – AC/DC. The pounding beats in this song, along with the simple lyrics, earn it a spot on the list of pump up songs for hockey. Fans typically sing and stomp along to the Australian band's hit.
  7. "We Will Rock You" – Queen. This classic tune makes the list of pump up songs for hockey. As the crowd chants and stomps, the spirit rises to new heights.
  8. "Rock n Roll All Night" – Kiss. Pump up songs for hockey do not get much more fun than a crowd screaming the lyrics to this tune. The fast pace and familiar lyrics will make this song a hit prior to the game.
  9. "Bodies" – Drowning Pool. This angry tune makes the list of pump up songs for hockey. Telling the world that someone is going down is appropriate for a pre-game song.
  10. "Stand up for Rock n Roll" – Airbourne. Rounding out the list of pump up songs for hockey comes the tune about believing in yourself and the things you love. The driving guitar riffs and quick drum beats are sure to get the blood pumping.



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