10 Best Pump Up Songs For Soccer

Nothing gets a stadium of people more excited that listening to one of the 10 best pump up songs for soccer. Teams around the world play tunes that their fans associate with them while other famous songs can often be heard over public address systems as stadium officials try to generate some noise. Here are the ten best pump up songs for soccer.

  1. "Three Lions" Lightning Seeds. This is perhaps the most famous pump up song for soccer fans to listen to or sing-along with, but it was specifically written about the failings of the England team. Luckily for the writers, everyone in the world knows how rubbish England has been for the last 40 years so it is popular all over the world.
  2. "Sailing" Rod Stewart. This song has nothing to with soccer, but it is frequently heard at soccer stadiums around the world. Singer Rod Stewart did try his hand at professional soccer so perhaps it is by association with Rod that this first became one of the ten best pump up songs.
  3. "Tubthumping" Chumbawumba. This song is one of the best pump songs for any event or occasion, but it is particularly popular at soccer grounds full of inebriated people. The band sound a little bit like a soccer hooligans anyway with all the shouting and banging, so it is no wonder the song is so popular.
  4. "Get Ready For This" 2 Unlimited. The old ones are the best ones when it comes to pump up songs and arena announcers in the U.S. love to play this little ditty at basketball and ice hockey games. The song is one of the most played soccer stadium songs and is good for playing as the teams emerge onto the pitch.
  5. "Champions" Queen. This song is played every year at soccer stadiums around the globe but only one team in each country gets to play it because not everyone is a champion. It is often played to pump up the soccer fans before the presentation of a trophy and remains ever popular.
  6. "We Will Rock You" Queen. Freddie Mercury and the boys were good at making pump up music, and "We Will Rock You" is great if you like hearing the sound of thousands of feet stomping on concrete. This one first became popular at soccer games when plucky Norwich played it for their fans after beating the mighty Bayern Munich team.
  7. "You'll Never Walk Alone" Rodgers and Hammerstein. You are unlikely to hear this one at Everton games, but the song that started life as a musical number was adopted by Liverpool fans and is now sung the world over. This one gets folks going before the game and is one of the best soccer games to end the night with.
  8. "Simply The Best" Tina Turner. The name says it all, and it is simply one of the best soccer pump songs because everybody in the crowd wants to believe that their team is the best. This has been around for almost 30 years now but it never gets old.
  9. "Eye of the Tiger" Survivor. People in the U.S. tired of this some years back, but it is still popular in Europe. The lyrics are inspiring, and it is a great number to get soccer fans excited before big games.
  10. "Ole, Ole" Unknown. No one quite knows how "Ole, Ole" began, but it should not be confused with the similarly titled but much less memorable Ricky Martin song. The lyrics are pretty simple, and it's catchy which is why it has been heard at soccer games in every continent and is probably the best soccer song ever.
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