10 Best Pump Up Songs For Wrestling

The 10 best pump up songs for wrestling get the crowd going and ready for the action. In the world of wrestling, it's typically a battle of man versus man. Both professional and amateur wrestling rely on tunes to get everyone hyped up and ready to rumble.

  1. "We Will Rock You" – Queen. This classic pump up song for wrestling gets the crowd clapping and stomping along as they chant the title line from the song. No matter the size of the arena, the rafters will rock when this song comes on.
  2. "Rollin" – Limp Bizkit. This hard hitting tune makes for a great pump up song for wrestling. The lyrics, "keep rollin rollin rollin," will have the crowd singing.
  3. "Thunderstruck' – AC/DC. The Australian based band gets the blood moving with this pump up song for wrestling. The opening chant in the song brings the crowd to their feet.
  4. "Down with the Sickness" – Disturbed. This thrashing tune makes for a hot pump up song for wrestling. The word "rock" is inserted into the song during each verse and will have everyone shouting along.
  5. "Bodies" – Drowning Pool. "Let the bodies hit the floor" is just one line from this pump up song for wrestling that will have the crowd screaming along.
  6. "My Time is Now". – World Wrestling Entertainment. The tune written for professional wrestler John Cena works for all wrestling events. The blaring trumpets at the beginning make everyone want to dance and cheer.
  7. "Push it" – Static X. The beat to this pump up song for wrestling makes everyone want to dance. Put it on and watch the bodies get in motion.
  8. "Can't Touch This" – MC Hammer. The 1980's tune works well as a pump up song for wrestling. The title lyrics and thumping beat put everyone in the mood for a little action.
  9. "Gonna Fly Now" – Bill Conti. The theme song from the movie "Rocky" is a classic pump up song for wrestling. The tune is recognized by everyone and puts them in the fighting mood.
  10. "Jump Around" – House of Pain. The final entry on the list of pump up song for wrestling is the hip-hop tune that makes everyone want to jump around the place. Kick off the event with this one and get the feet moving and the bleachers screaming.
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