10 Best Punk Covers

Listing the 10 best punk covers may be a subjective task, but certain classics are overall winners. Punk bands since the 1970's have been covering Rock-a-Billy and early rock tunes. Some of the more modern punk bands choose to make fun of pop or hip hops songs. Either way, these covers are often better than the original.

  1. "Warm California Sun" – The Ramones. This punk cover tops the list for irony and perfection. The New York based Ramones covered the Riviera's song about west coast living.
  2. "Rock n Roll Girl" – The Muffs. This punk cover of the Creedence Clearwater Revival tune offers a punk version of southern rock. The irony of the lyrics being sung by a Mohawk wearing roughneck does not take away from the quality of the cover.
  3. "I Think I Love You" – Less than Jake. The band known for hate filled and juvenile lyrics shocked the punk world with their cover of The Partridge Family's song of love. The cover speeds up the song, making it a bit less romantic.
  4. "Ring of Fire" – Social Distortion. The hit tune by Johnny Cash became a punk cover sensation. Social Distortion eliminated the Spanish horns and replaced them with hard driving guitar riffs, completely changing the sound of the song.
  5. "Video Killed the Radio Star" – The Offspring. The Buggles tune was the first song played on MTV. Not surprising then that it became a punk cover. Punk has never held high spots in MTV music promotion.
  6. "Little Honda" – The Queers. This punk cover is actually of the Beach Boys cover of the song originally recorded by The Hondells for the Honda Motorcycle Company. The cover of a cover gives new life to this old tune.
  7. "Mr. Sandman" – GOB. This punk cover is simply funny. The thrashing punk band sings the 1940's tune in a much updated fashion.
  8. "Barbie Girl" – Homegrown. The tune, originally performed by the girl band AQUA, became a punk cover when the hard punk band Homegrown felt like making fun of the pop world. The song is sung with daunting lyrics and an off-key sound.
  9. "YMCA" – The Skunks. This punk cover takes a swipe at the disco era. The song, originally done by The Village People, has a change of tune and speed in this unforgettable remake.
  10. "99 Red Balloons" – Goldfinger. This German language pop song made history in the 1980's and then again as a punk cover. Goldfinger keeps the lyrics, but changes the tune of the classic.
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