10 Best Punk Rock Songs

The 10 best punk rock songs of all time have a message. In some cases that message is anti-establishment, and in other cases that message is shot at others in the punk music scene. When you listen to the 10 best punk rock songs be sure to turn your stereo way up and get ready to bounce off the walls.

  1. The Ramones – "Blitzkrieg Bop" The Ramones were the original successful punk band and should occupy all the spots on the list of 10 best punk rock songs. But in order to give other bands a chance to be represented, the song "Blitzkrieg Bop" can be pointed out as the best Ramones song ever recorded.
  2. Dead Kennedys – "Holiday in Cambodia" Punk rock's first political band was the Dead Kennedys. Their snarky attitude towards the establishment and what they considered to be the fake people in the punk rock scene led to some of the greatest punk songs ever written. The song "Holiday in Cambodia" is the one DK tune that belongs on the list of 10 best punk rock songs of all time.
  3. Sex Pistols – "Anarchy in the UK" No punk rock song has been covered by other bands more that the Sex Pistols' "Anarchy in the UK." This slap in the face of British establishment belongs on the list of 10 best punk rock songs ever.
  4. Sex Pistols – "Pretty Vacant" This catchy, almost pop, punk song was one of the first things the world had heard from the Sex Pistols. The rest, as they say, is history.
  5. The Ramones – "Rock and Roll High School" This is about as fun as a punk song can get. This Ramones classic earns its spot on the list of the 10 best punk songs ever.
  6. Black Flag – "Rise Above" Henry Rollins got his start in show business by screaming words for Black Flag in the 1970's. This song became one of their best known tunes and finds its way on to the list of the 10 best punk songs ever.
  7. The Clash – "London Calling" The Clash proved to be one of the more musically talented punk bands of all time. Their international hit "London Calling" shows the power in their songwriting and their playing.
  8. Television – "See No Evil" One of the favorite things that the band Television used to like to say is that they hoped to make enough money playing music to one day own a television of their own. One of the more underrated punk bands that puts an entry in the 10 best punk rock songs of all time.
  9. Patti Smith Group – "Gloria" Patti Smith and the Patti Smith Group were considered revolutionary in the punk music business. Smith would sometimes just recite her poetry over a 10-minute improvised jam by the band. The song "Gloria" shows what the band can accomplish when they set out to create great punk music.
  10. The Misfits – "Last Caress" The Misfits would influence such legendary metal bands as Metallica and Anthrax. Their song "Last Caress" was best known as a cover done by Metallica on "The 5.98 EP."
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