10 Best Puzzle Games For PC

If you really want to test your wit, you need to play the 10 best puzzle games for PC. These puzzle games for the PC are some of the biggest names in the genre, really pushing forward the PC as the ultimate gaming console. Among these adventure and puzzle games, you'll find some great stories, even greater humor, and some of the biggest brain busters yet!

  1. "Myst". This is one of the best puzzle games for PC because it made the genre available to the masses. Stranded on an island, you're confronted with a series of puzzles that only led you to more unanswered questions. Its startlingly-ambiguous nature easily makes it one of the best puzzle games for PC ever.
  2. "Bejeweled". Before it became the must-have game for the iPhone, it was one of the best puzzle games for PC. A simple concept, you eliminate jewels in rows and columns in order to match them up with their partners. This is definitely one of the most addictive games ever.
  3. "Diner Dash". While it may seem simplistic, this is one of the best puzzle games for PC. You control a young diner owner as she (You guessed it) dashes around, serving clients and bussing tables. Simple gameplay that definitely makes the food industry seem more enjoyable than it is, it's one of the more popular titles today thanks to the recent advent of more casual-based games.
  4. "Peggle". Imagine pachinko with cute animal avatars, flashing lights, and epic music. If you did, you've gotten the basic concept of one of the best puzzle games for PC. This game is astoundingly-successful, thanks in part to its extremely simple concept that hooks in players from the very start!
  5. "Maniac Mansion". Even though it's part of the adventure genre, it's still one of the best puzzle games for PC ever! Three teenagers infiltrate a mansion full of genetic freaks and death traps, all to rescue their friend in distress. If you love horror-themed humor and brain-busting puzzles, try this one out!
  6. "Riven". The sequel to the first entrant on this list, it manages to be just like its predecessor and become one of the best puzzle games for PC of all time! Again, you're back in the land of Myst with even more minimalist environments and accompanying puzzles to solve! This game definitely pushes the franchise into newer, more complex waters.
  7. "Lemmings". One of the original puzzle games for PC, this is a fan favorite from way back in the day. You take control of a legion of little creatures who need to get from Point A to Point B, avoiding environmental hazards and picking different classes along the way. Each map is unique and will have you thinking completely outside of the box in this amazing puzzle game for PC.
  8. "Portal". The minds behind "Half-Life" bring us one of the best puzzle games for PC of all time. You control a test subject in a lab where you get your hands on the portal gun, which allows you to create rifts in space that you can travel through. Add this to the darkly-hilarious AI voice that is chiming in your head and you get one of the best PC gaming experiences ever!
  9. "Text Twist". This Flash-based game is definitely one of the most popular puzzle games for PC. You get a jumble of letters which you must rearrange into a variety of different words within a certain time limit. It's fast, addictive, and definitely helps you increase your vocabulary!
  10. "Puzzle Quest". A game that combines the best of "Bejeweled" with classic RPG elements? Sign us up! Addictive, brain busting gameplay is combined with beautiful fantasy-inspired artwork to make one of the most unique puzzle games for PC ever!
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