10 Best Puzzle PC Games

When you're tired of all the shooting and explosions that come with most games, be sure to check out the best puzzle PC games. The following software tested our mental strengths and even had us screaming at the screen, begging for an easier result. However, the strongest amongst us were rewarded with some of the richest gameplay ever conceived. Check out the followed puzzle PC games and see what masterpieces really shaped the genre.

  1. "Myst" One of the most popular puzzle PC games of all time, "Myst" marooned players on an island with naught but a shady back story to guide them through a variety of puzzles. Switches were pulled, levers were yank, and bridges were crossed to reach an ultimately-ambiguous ending that had gamers scratching their heads more than the brain teasers within the game.
  2. "Bejeweled" This much-loved game has since made its way onto touch screen cell phones, but few know that "Bejewled" has its roots on the PC. Essentially, players click on jewels and line up like matches to make the jewels disappear. This simple yet addictive game play still manages to captivate audiences today.
  3. "Portal" This award-winning product from the makers of "Half-Life" remains to be one of the best puzzle PC games to date. You wake up in a lab with a gun that can create portals that one can walk through. One of the most mind-bending puzzle games with one of the most explosive endings to date.
  4. "Peggle" Developed by casual games giant Peggle. Imagine Pachinko, except with brightly colored lights, cute animal avatars, and "Ode To Joy" playing every time you complete a level. Yes, it's as every bit as awesome as it sounds.
  5. "Puzzle Quest" One of the best puzzle PC games that combines RPG elements with brain twisting conundrums. This game takes players through a fantasy world where the only way to beat foes is to win in a competitive brain teasers. While the puzzles are a lot like "Bejeweled," the experience definitely benefits from the rich fantasy plot.
  6. "World of Goo" This off-beat puzzle PC game puts you as a blob of goo in a colorless world that is being ruled by a slightly fascist dictatorship. Your mission is to brighten up the universe by rolling around splattering color everywhere you can. This game is also ported to the Wii, easily making it one of the most popular puzzle games to date.
  7. "Diner Dash" A game that is undoubtedly one of the biggest sources of entertainment on mobile phones got its start on the PC. Players control Flo, a young restaurateur who is just opening her latest eatery. You make certain that orders come out in the correct sequence and ensure that tables are clear for others to use. It's simplistic game play has made it one of the best puzzle PC games of all time.
  8. "Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiago?" One of the most well-renowned puzzle PC games of all time, players take control of an anonymous sleuth who must use geographical clues to track the titular thief across the globe. This game has spawned a variety of sequels, taking players across the continental United States, the far reaches of the Milky Way, and even through time.
  9. "Lemmings" One of the original puzzle PC games, Lemmings has been around for longer than most of our readers have been alive. The player controls a group of small blue creatures known as Lemmings and must assist them in navigating through a variety of environmental hazards. Much like the creatures they're named after, they have the distinct tendency to walk off cliffs for reasons unknown, so players must constantly be on their toes.
  10. "Bust-A-Move 4" One of the most unusual games on this list, Bust-A-Move 4 puts players in control of any one of its colorful avatars, pitting them against computer controlled adversaries and making them shoot orbs into other orbs. Imagine "Snood," but with flashier lights and high-pitched Japanese voices. This avant-garde take on an old formula makes it one of the best puzzle PC games ever.
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