10 Best Quotes About Allen Iverson

After playing in the NBA since 1996, there are bound to be some things said about a player, here are the 10 best quotes about Allen Iverson. Playing with the Philidelphia 76ers, the Denver Nuggets, the Detroit Pistons and the Memphis Grizzlies, Allen Iverson has made many friends and enemies and everyone has something to say.

  1. “He's as quick with the ball as anyone in the history of the league. Fast guys in this league, he makes them look as if they're slow. He has a level beyond their quickness." After he was was the first player drafted in the NBA 1996 draft, his Phildelphia 76’s coach, Johnny Davis, gave us one of the best quotes about Allen Iverson when he told Sports Illustrated:
  2. "Me-Myself-and-Iverson." A nickname given to Iverson by Charles Barkley in reference to his selfish behavior on the court, and one of the best quotes about Allen Iverson.
  3. “I have always loved Allen Iverson both as an athlete and a person. I never judged him negatively. I always respected his toughness on the court…and saw him as a champ among champs” said Dr. Boyce Watkins explaining why he saw it as important to judge Iverson on his skill on the court as opposed to his actions or rumors off the court.
  4. “There is one star on the market right now that has actually achieved more in his career then LeBron James has. They call him "The Answer." And Allen Iverson could be "The Answer" for the Cleveland Cavaliers.” A sports correspondant Dwayne Montell made this argument for Iverson joining the Cavaliers after LeBron James left.
  5. "When I first got him, I couldn't tell him anything, he went crazy on the court. Now he'll listen a little bit." said his coach Larry Brown giving Sports Illustrated one of the best quotes about Allen Iverson.
  6. "We're going to trade him. At a certain point, you have to come to grips with the fact that it's not working. He wants out and we're ready to accommodate him." In 2006 it was reported that Iverson wanted to be traded from the Sixers, Ed Snider publicly agreed and laid down one of the best quotes about Allen Iverson.
  7. "With this contract, we're telling him we always want him to be here as well." The Sixers President and General Manager, Billy King responded to Iverson’s gratitude at being signed back to the Sixers.
  8. "We still know A.I. is a great player. I look for him to really come back and ball. I think, at this point in his career, his main goal is to get a championship ring. I think the city is excited to have him back." Philadelphia native, DJ Drama, reflected on the news of Iverson’s return to Philadelphia.
  9. “When A.I. was here, the city was good. A.I. was connected to the community. He wasn't the type of person you would have to go to the game to see him. After the game, you could go to see him at Friday's bustin' a grub. Or go to any local club and catch him with his people. When A.I. was in the city, he was from Philly. He'd be at any spot a normal person would go to. People will start coming out to see the boy." Beanie Sigel reflected on Iverson’s time in Philadelphia by giving one of the best quotes about Allen Iverson.
  10. "What does it mean to the city of Philadelphia to have Allen Iverson back on the 76ers? Leadership, loyalty, success as a family. It's about more than just basketball." Certainly one of the best quotes about Allen Iverson by Young Chris, this reflects the city of Philadelphia’s excitement at having the player back in their town.
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