10 Best Radiohead Albums

One cannot choose the 10 best Radiohead albums when the band has yet to release 10 CDs. Nevertheless, it's easy to find 10 great Radiohead and Radiohead-related projects.  

  1. "OK Computer" With many wonderful songs, including "Karma Police," this is the album fans go back to again and again—and for good reason.
  2. "Kid A" Although this release does not have as many standout songs as "OK Computer," as well as a few others, the group's experimentation with techno effects showed it to be an act evolving much faster than most other groups at the time.
  3. "The Bends" This album rises to the top because, unlike the previously scattered "Pablo Honey," it had great songs, like the title track, from beginning to end.
  4. "In Rainbows" Radiohead proved that it didn't need the "business as usual" music business to release its album, "In Rainbows." Fans could pay what they wanted for it, and the group made a ton of money. And, oh yes, it's another fine Radiohead release.
  5. "Hail to the Thief" With Bush out of office, this political album is already beginning to sound dated.
  6. "Pablo Honey" "Creep" was a great song. But the rest of this debut is only so-so.
  7. "Amnesiac" This one came along a little too closely after "Kid A," and came off closer to leftovers.
  8. "I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings" This is a fine live set, but Radiohead is more "studio creators" than "performers."
  9. "The Best Of" Radiohead is an album band, in a world where that's becoming an endangered species. If you only buy a greatest hits disc, you're probably not a real fan.
  10. "The Eraser" This Thom Yorke solo album is okay, but he really misses the creative energy of his bandmates.
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