10 Best Radiohead Songs

The 10 best Radiohead songs will make you laugh, cry and sometimes creep you out a little bit. When they first invaded in the early '90s Radiohead's "Creep" became the anthem for every rejected, heartbroken teenager and college kid within earshot of a radio. Their softer more progressive sound broke up the monotony of the rage filled grunge and rap-rock band that was bombarding the airways at the time. In the eighteen years since their first single made them a phenomenon, Radiohead has continued to be one of the most innovating and interesting bands of modern Rock.

  1. Creep (1992/1993) – For some reason Creep didn't make much of an impression when it was originally released in 1992. In 1993 Creep was re-released and became Radiohead's biggest hit. It was so big that Radiohead stopped playing it live in 1998.
  2. Karma Police (1997) – The second single from "OK Computer", the song was written as an inside joke between the members of Radiohead about the random enforcement of Karma. Although we know Karma may enforce its will at random, it's still something that we don't want coming after us.
  3. Meeting in the Aisle (1998) – Radiohead's first all instrumental track was a bit of a departure from their signature sound. It's a lush, rich and fluid sound that is soothing and little bit scary all at once.
  4. How to Disappear Completely (2000) –  If you're having one of those days where you want to curl up and die this is the best and worst song to listen to all rolled into one. The haunting strings and vague, haunting lyrics make it among the saddest songs that Radiohead has ever written. 
  5. Idioteque (2000) – The electronic driven beats were yet another step in the continuing evolution of Radiohead. After it's success Radiohead began to experiment with more electronic beats in their music.
  6. You and Whose Army? (2001) – This song is open defiance to the creatures that run mainstream society and uphold the status quo. Now we hate "the man" as much as Radiohead, but you do have to be careful when you're dealing with people who can answer the question "You and Whose Army?"
  7. Go to Sleep (2003) – It's odd use of time signature is what makes this song stand out. Since Radiohead completely did any with anything that resembles traditional time signature, some people may find the song difficult to listen to; but Radiohead is able to make it work.
  8. I'm a Wicked Child (2003) – Radiohead's B-side to "Go to Sleep", may sound like a repentant cry for help, but we don't think the guys of Radiohead regret one second of their awesomeness.
  9. Thinking About You (1993) – The line "I'm thinking of you so how can you sleep" puts this song a bit on the creepy side. Still if you're going to have a stalker you could probably do worse than Radiohead.
  10. Faithless, The Wonder Boy (1993) – Even though it didn't much of an impression when it was first released, it remains one of the best Radiohead songs of their early career.
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