10 Best Rainy Day Activities For Adults

Everyone should be familiar with the 10 best rainy day activities if they want to avoid that sinking feeling that occurs when you realize the weather has destroyed your best laid plans. Good rainy day activities are ones that allow you to expend energy or relax, but still circumvent the rainy weather outdoors by allowing you to still have fun.

  1. "Board Games" We all remember occasions from our childhood when the weather outside was nasty and we ended up losing a board game to a snotty nosed neighbor. One of the 10 best rainy day activities for adults involves calling up that now adult snot nosed individual and demanding a rematch. 
  2. "Having Sex" If you have someone to copulate with, then enjoying a sexual encounter is one of the 10 best rainy activities for adults. If you want to mix it up, then invite over several women and make a day of it.
  3. "Catch Predators" We have all seen "Dateline" episodes where undercover reporters apprehend sexual deviants, but do you know who lives in your own neighborhood? Going online to your state or local government website will allow you to learn who the perverts are that pose a threat to you and your loved ones and for that reason, it has to be one of the 10 best rainy day activities.
  4. "Movie Marathons" If you bought the "Star Wars" trilogy or any other box set of movies and never had a chance to watch them, then now is your chance. Snuggling up on the couch, preferably with a hot chick, to watch TV ranks as one of the 10 best rainy day activities for adults.
  5. "Clear Out The Attic" It might sound more like a chore than one of the 10 best rainy day activities, but attics can be fun places. You may find old valentines, pornographic magazines or even priceless heirlooms left up there by the previous owners.
  6. "Write letters" There are plenty of occasions when we get upset and mean to complain about things but never get around to it. Sending those letters of complaint to Senators, grocery stores and banks is one of the 10 best ways to spend a rainy day.
  7. "Read the Dictionary" When was the last time you added a new word to your 100 word vocabulary? When MC Hammer was at the top of the charts? Take some time on a rainy day to improve your intellect and you will realize that it is one of the 10 best rainy day activities for adults.
  8. "Drink" Let's be honest and say that a lot of people do not need much of an excuse to drink, but nevertheless, we are going to give you a new one. It is raining outside! Oh what to do? How about getting smashed on cheap beer and liquor. Great, another qualifier for the 10 best rainy day activities for adults.
  9. "Sing" Practice your singing skills on a karaoke machine or in the shower. You want to be able to dazzle the girls at the next karaoke gig in town, so why not get some practice in. By the time you have finished this best rainy day activity for adults, you will be able to give Bon Jovi a run for his money.
  10. "Nothing" When you were a kid you had to go to school and now that you are grown up, there seems to be some kind of reason to run all over town. So, why not have a day off? Just stay in bed, sleep and enjoy yourself as doing nothing is one of the 10 best activities for adults on a rainy day.
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