10 Best Rap Albums Of 2006

2006 was a year when numerous rap artists showed the world what rap is all about, as exemplified by the 10 best rap albums of 2006. So follow their groove and listen to these rap albums of 2006. Surely, you will begin to see rap in a different way when you listen to these.

  1. "King": T.I. was really the king when it comes to rap music, because he released one of the best rap albums of 2006. Five days after the album’s release, his first movie entitled "ATL" was shown on screen. His skills were shown in the album, captivating both old and new fans.
  2. "Fishscale": Ghostface Killah released one of the best rap albums of 2006 with "Fishscale". With a theme about organized crime, this certainly caught the attention of rap music fans, making the group more popular than ever.
  3. " Food and Liquor": With the assistance of Jay-Z on the production, Lupe Fiasco had a 2006 album that is one of the best. The title is a representation of him being a Muslim and coming from the streets. As he said, food is a necessity for living while liquor on the other hand will destroy you if you let it.
  4. "Kingdom Come": After three years of not producing albums, Jay-Z made a successful comeback with "Kingdom Come". One of the best rap albums of 2006, Jay-Z fans experienced the hardcore beats and intense lyrics that he showed here.
  5. "Hell Hath no Fury": Clipse finally released this album after three years of waiting. Their first album has been very successful, and the people have been anxiously waiting for the next one. There were problems with their record label, causing the delay. Upon its release, it became very successful despite being on hold for so long.
  6. "Game Theory": Described by The Roots as very serious, mature and dark, this album themed on sociological issues as well as having some references to the late producer J Dilla. This is one of the best rap albums of 2006 and was released by the group after leaving their previous record label, Geffen Records.
  7. "Doctor’s Advocate": Coming from The Game is another album that is of the best rap albums of 2006. This one offers pride and hope, with a modern flair of gangsta rap sound. The lyrics also were much more improved as compared to The Game’s previous album.
  8. "Blue Collar": Rhymefest surpassed a big challenge this year when he released one of the best rap albums of 2006. He was previously known as the co-writer for Kanye West’s "Jesus Walks", a Grammy award winner. Well, he stepped out of that shadow and showed that he really has got the skills to be a great rap artist.
  9. "The Format": Being a rap artists who has been around for as long as you can remember, AZ continues to show that he really is an icon of this music genre. ‘The Format’ was the proof this year, being one of the best rap albums of 2006.
  10. "Pick a Bigger Weapon": The Coup does not want to be a part of the status quo and instead chooses to go beyond that. Here, he critiques the current society, especially politics, sending out words that will make you realize what’s wrong with it.
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