10 Best Rap Albums To Run To

Choosing the ten best rap albums to run to is a job that has to be handled with care. In order to be able to run to a rap album, every song has to be on point. When you're running, you don't have time to be skipping through a mediocre rap albums. So any rap album you run to has to be a classic. And by classic it's meant that every song of that particular rap album is hot. Check these rap album classics out.

  1. "Reasonable Doubt" Jay-Z's inaugural album is clearly a classic. And, it's the perfect rap album to run to. His lyrics are top notch and the varied nature of the songs will keep you occupied when you hit the track. heck this one out, if you're running or not.
  2. "Blackout" All the hip hop heads know about this classic rap album. It's a Method Man and Redman tag team. You can literally put this album on repeat in your MP3 player and run for hours. Every time you listen to it, you'll hear something new, some metaphor or simile you missed before.
  3. "Illadelph Halflife" The Philadelphia based hip hop group, "The Roots" always comes correct on the music tip. They don't sample. Everything is original. As a matter of fact, they use a live band. Of all their great works, this rap album is clearly the best. Leave no song unheard.
  4. "Southerplayalisticadillacmuzik" The original rap album by Outkast. It's bursting with down south flavor. The beats alone will keep you moving down the trail. The lyrics are the icing on the cake. A very big cake, with lots and lots of icing.
  5. "The Infamous" This Mobb Deep album is not only their best work, It was the hardest hip hop album released in 2005. It's a complete piece of work. The album is airtight. There's not a weak track on the song list.
  6. "Illmatic" This rap album should be in the music hall of fame. It's the album that every rapper after modeled their albums after. Gritty beats. Fire lyrics. What more could a runner ask for. The only problem with this particular Nas album is that it's too short. Ah well, that's what the repeat button is for.
  7. "It Was Written" Yes, Nas makes two appearances on this list. Nas' second album is almost as good as "Illmatic". Some of the top music producers in the game put tracks together on this rap album. You could run, skydive, even bungee jump with this album. If MP3 players were water proof, you could swim with this album too.
  8. "Uptown Saturday Night" Those Camp Lo boys put together a bad ass album. Hip Hop beats smothered in 1970's music, wrapped in funky lyrics. Definitely a classic album. You could hit the streets in your sneakers with this bad boy.
  9. "Ready To Die" The Notorious B.I.G. is arguably the best emcee ever. Okay, P. Diddy is arguably one of the best producers ever. What do yuo think would happen once they got together to make an album? Well, the whole hip hop world went nuts. Oh, and you can enjoy running your miles and miles with this album as well.
  10. "Enter The 36 Chambers". This album is straight gutter style. The beats are dirty and the lyrics are harder than cement. You could get in the gym and work out to the songs on this album, let alone run. The first and best of all the Wu Tang Clan albums is definitely a good choice for your personal running soundtrack.
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