10 Best Rap Artists Of The 2000’s

The 10 best rap artists of the 2000's produced a few memorable masterpieces. Most of the rap artists of the last decade also had roots in the 90s. The experimentalism never ceased to exist in the underground hip-hop sector, and the mainstream sparsely awed us in comparison. The rap artists of the 2000s era addressed usual current events, politics, rumors and controversies, along with expounding on the gangster life, braggadocio, and battling arena. Although not as influential as per the golden age of rap music founded in the late 80s, the primary focus lies in shattering the norms. The evolution of rap music has only begun, which refutes the general consensus that it is dead.

  1. Jay-Z: Jay-Z graced the scene with seven of eleven pressed albums spanning from 2000 to 2009. "The Blueprint", released in 2001, parallels the timeless classic, "Reasonable Doubt", his first album that circulated into the mainstream.  Jay-Z roared onto the scene with rarely disputed claims of his royal status within the rap game.
  2. MF Doom: MF Doom amazes true hip-hop fans with stunning lyricism and impeccable delivery. The acclaimed rapper has never unmasked his true identity. The theme behind the MF Doom alter-ego stems from a dark past during the early 90s. The Trinidad native lost his brother in an fatal car accident that ended the rap group KMD, and essentially left him desolate. He vowed revenge on the commercial rap industry and emerged into the underground hip-hop sector with mind-blowing prowess. "Operation Doomsday" showcases his best lyricism.
  3. Eminem: Eminem never ceases to advance his cadence. After releasing "The Slim Shady LP", Eminem brought a whole new perspective to his maturation as a renowned rap artist. Eminem still maintains his eccentric story telling and lambasted humor to carry on his torch as one of raps greatest.
  4. Kanye West: Despite his childish antics, Kanye West has solidified his stage presence with a few of the greatest rap albums of all time. The Chicago-based rapper can amp crowds with inspiration, such as detailed in his first single, "Through the Wire," and detailing the American Dream in "All Falls Down."
  5. Aceyalone: Aceyalone would have found himself in the top three if his first two albums released in the last decade. Aceyalone has since released 8 albums. Aceyalone remains one of the most slept on emcees within the industry, but perhaps his elusive nature defines a rebelliousness to sell his soul for monetary gain. "A Book Of Human Language" displays Aceyalone at his finest.
  6. Mos Def: Mos Def could arguably replace Aceyalone at number 5; however, "Black on Both Sides", his best album, released in 1999.
  7. Talib Kweli: "If skills sold/Truth be told/I'd probably be lyrically Talib Kweli." – Jay-Z. Talib Kweli never holds back on his skills that far surpass the mainstream's recognition. The most talented of all artists tend to stay underground because they are not marketable for A and R's. "Reflection Eternal" certainly reflects his god-like skills.
  8. Nas: Nas produced the best hip-hop album of all time. "Illmatic" released in 1994, and became a commendable benchmark for all future artists to surpass. In fact, Jay-Z sampled a hook off "Illmatic" to commemorate the classic on his debuting album, "Reasonable Doubt". After harsh criticism regarding his lackluster productions since his first two albums, Nas released "Stillmatic" to prove his worthiness. Nas proved he still has it, but for some reason refuses to display his talent. Nas could easily oust Jay-Z at number one, but his heart just isn't in the game anymore.
  9. Tonedeff: Tonedeff emerged from the scene after disappearing in 1995-1996. He appeared on the Arsenio Hall Show at the age of 16, and quite frankly delivered a rattling performance. Although he has an amazing deliver and cadence, the seasoned veteran needs to showcase more diversity. "Archetype" unveils a fresh perspective on the seasoned veteran.
  10. Outkast (Big Boi and Andre3000): Still at the top of their game, Big Boi and Andre3000 brought a handful of memorable albums. Outkast delivered the best of their ability in the 90s; however, they have continued to impress with their originality and banger radio editions. Outkast unwinds their legacy with utter brilliance. "Stankonia" marks the best by the Atlanta-based rapper duo.
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