10 Best Rap Beats Of The 90’s

The 10 best rap beats of the 90's are the result of two decades of hip hop development that started in the 70's. Some of the biggest names in rap helped to create the top beats from the decade of the 90's, and some new names were made by their work on rap music prior to 2000. The best rap beats of the 90's make good ring tones and social networking page music in any era.

  1. "So What'cha Want" (1992) – The Beastie Boys. This is a punishing beat that combines the beating of a bass drum and the thump of a bass guitar. The Beastie Boys were making their name in the early 90's, and this is one of their best rap beats of the 90's.
  2. "What's My Name" (1993) – Snoop Doggy Dogg. This is the song that introduced Snoop Dogg to the world, and it has one of the smoothest beats in all of hip hop. This member on the list of the best rap beats of the 90's was driven by the sliding bass line that played over top of the drum beat.
  3. "1st of Da Month" (1995) – Bone Thugs & Harmony. The rap group Bone Thugs & Harmony became very popular in the 90's, and this song was their entry into the list of the 10 best rap beats of the 90's. This slow and smooth beat helped to set the tone for this hit song.
  4. "Shoop" (1993) – Salt N Pepa. The all female rap group Salt N Pepa paved the way for other female rappers with their upbeat hit "Shoop" (1993). The beat in this song gives that swooping feeling that adds to the theme of the song.
  5. "Mama Said Knock You Out" (1990) – LL Cool J. LL Cool J was instrumental in the rise of rap in the early to mid 80's. But this fierce track is one of the best rap beats of the 90's. The drums sound like shotguns and the bass is low and punishing.
  6. "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" (1993) – Digable Planets. Jazz started to find its way into hip hop beats in the 90's, and groups like De La Soul and Digable Planets started using descending jazz progressions in their beats. This smooth beat is one of the best from the 90's and definitely sets a mood for this song.
  7. "Ice Ice Baby" (1990) – Vanilla Ice. This song was both revered and reviled in the 90's. Even though the beat is lifted directly from the Queen hit "Under Pressure" (1981), this is still one of the best rap beats of the 90's.
  8. "C.R.E.A.M." (1994) – Wu Tang Clan. You never knew what to expect from the Wu Tang Clan, but this low-key rap beat was one of the best they ever created. The video for this song is truly bizarre, but you should not expect anything less from the Wu Tang Clan.
  9. "Its All About U" (1996) – Tupac Shakur. Tupac is known for his down to Earth and honest music, but this fun rap beat is one of the best he ever released. The drums are hard in this song and the bass line moves the melody of the song up and down.
  10. "New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme)" (1991) – Ice T. In the 90's, Ice T was primarily known as a rapper with some fierce beats. This is the main theme from the movie "New Jack City" (1991) and has a rapid fire beat that helped make Ice T famous.
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