10 Best Rap Break Up Songs

They say misery loves company; if you've recently experienced a break up, you might want to check out the 10 best rap break up songs. The reasons for the end of relationships varies.  What makes rap great is its ability to capture raw emotion. We all know love hurts, and when it does, sometimes listening to music offers comfort. No matter what the circumstances of your break up, this list has you covered.

  1. "Song Cry" by Jay Z.  They say real men don't cry; instead, they write songs. Jay Z shows some true emotion here and says since he can't shed a tear, he will make "the song cry." This break up rap shows that a man can be hurt as easily as a woman.  
  2. "Something You Forgot" by Lil Wayne. This is another heartbroken rapper wishing he could get "a part II."  According to Lil Wayne, this one was all his fault. Even when someone causes the demise of a relationship, it doesn't mean he is happy about it.
  3. "I Still Luv You" by T.I.. "Forgave me once…twice…three times." How much can one girl take?  Apparently, one of T.I.'s girls has to put up with an awful lot. T.I. does still love her though!
  4. "Break Up" by Mario featuring Gucci Mane and Sean Garret. Here the woman wants out (that's something new). She just doesn't love him anymore, to which he replies, "Why would you break up?" (Who would want to break up with Mario?).
  5. "Looking for the Front Door" by Main Source.  Here, the woman wants her man to be something he is not. Anytime a woman wants a man to change, the result is disastrous. As a result, "we fight every night."  This leaves Large Professor looking to walk out "the front door."
  6. "Break Up Song" by Wale.  Some women are cold and are stalkers. In that case, a break up is the best bet.
  7. "Break Ups to Make Ups" by Method Man and D'Angelo. "Cheating with your best friend." If betrayal enters into the equation, things become simpler. This rap covers all angels of break ups.
  8.  "Ex Girl to Next Girl" by Gang Starr. Ready to move on? Want to forget the one you loved and quickly? This rap is for you. You can feel some anger in this song; she's already history.
  9. "Never Be the Same Again" by Ghost Face Killah. Another cheating woman has resulted in a very angry man.  Ghost Face Killah even contemplates taking matters into his own hands making this a must listen rap break up song.
  10. "I Hate You Bitch" by 2-Ro. The title says it all! Sometimes, after a break-up, you are left with nothing but hatred in your heart. If so, know that time heals all wounds. That wraps up the 10 best hip hop break up songs.
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