10 Best Rap Club Songs

Looking for the ten best rap club songs of all time? Well, that's great because this article will provide you with the 10 best rap club songs recommended by various sources around the web. It seems that rap club music is the most popular genre of music played at any night club around the world. Rap music seems to bring out the party-goer attitude in every person. Enjoy the list!

  1. "Lose Yourself," Eminem. This rap song seems to be a favorite among clubs and bars. This song is enough to get even the shiest person pumped for a party!
  2. "Crank That," Soulja Boy. This rap club song seems as if it were made for night clubs. Everyone in the club always goes nuts when this track is played.
  3. "Ice Ice Baby," Vanilla Ice. Yes, it's a cliche song, but clubs love this song and so does everyone who is at the club. It's a nice club song to just relax and be goofy with your friends while it's playing.
  4. "One Mic," Nas. This rap song is notorious for getting a rise out of people. This is a great song to dance to, drink to, and even just chill at the bar while it's playing. This track has a serious but chill vibe to it.
  5. "The Crossroads," Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. This is one of the most popular rap songs ever recorded, and it's a must for any nightclub. This song has meaningful lyrics while still having an awesome beat to grind to.
  6. "California Love," 2pac and Dr Dre. Who can forget this 90's rap song that became so popular, every club played it as an anthem to get the party started. Even though it might be an older rap song, it's still loved by many.
  7. "In da Club," 50 Cent. This rap song is about clubs, made for clubs, and pounds in the club. 50 cent had a gem on his hands when he decided to rap about being in a club. This is the song to get your club night started.
  8. "Big Poppa," Notorious B.I.G. This song sets the mood up for any night at the club. This song is a rap club song at it's best. Anyone and everyone will be on the floor as soon as they hear this track.
  9. "Get Low," Lil Jon. If you want a great rap club song to get busy on the dance floor with, request this song from a DJ. It's a powerhouse of great beats and tones to make the club jump!
  10. "Baby Got Back," Sir Mix-A-Lot. Anytime a club wants a reaction out of the crowd, this rap club song will be played. It's a cliche song, but everybody loves it!
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