10 Best Rap Freestyle Lyrics

The best rap freestyle lyrics cannot be composed. It is improvised and has to be from the soul of a rapper. This is probably why this recognized form of music truly represents Hip-Hop rapping at its core.Here are some of the best rap freestyle lyrics by some of the industry’s talented artists.

  1. Freestyle Lyrics. Lil' Wayne was originally from the group “Hot Boyz” and hit the big time when he went solo. He raps about where he is from and where he is now. We see some of the best rap freestyle lyrics as he tells of his life. The rap aptly ends with “Cos I got everything bitch!”
  2. Lions Den Freestyle. Immortal Technique mixes politics and rap to give us some of the best rap freestyle lyrics to make his point. His lyrics stick it to everyone and he cares less. He tells his critiques “And don't mumble when you trying to disrespect my bars, I throw a Chinese Nigga at you affected with SARS.” He threatens to “Get banana boat Niggas to murder you for a gee, Give them a green card and get you chopped up for free.”
  3. Notorious B.I.G. Known for his distinctive flow of his rap songs, Notorious B.I.G. bounces his street cred off the wall in this freestyle rap.  He tells of his success – “With all my niggas, all my guns, all my women Next two years, I should see about a billion” and how the ladies love him – “the nurses is lovin me, Sayin the best part of the day is my half.”
  4. Freestyle Conversation. Snoop Dog was a gangster rapper before he adopted the mellow rap sounds he has now. In this rap, he talks about the violence in the Rap industry and questions if that is necessary. His message to them is that they are taking it out of hand, after all, “this rap game is to make money."
  5. Jay Z Freestyle. This talented freestyle rapper is also an award-winning producer. The rap freestyle lyrics tell is all when he says, “my records sell cause I was born to do it.” He also tells us that he is a real gangster as he “did every bit of crime that he wrote in his raps, and ran so much coke, he could shit a dime.”
  6. KRS-one freestyle. One of the original Freestylers, KRS-one’s numbers has some of the best rap freestyle lyrics. Despite his gangster background, he dishes some pretty good advice to new bloods – “So follow my motto, don't wait for Lotto get your cash, Don't borrow, no skills lead to sorrow.”
  7. Cassidy and Jin Freestyle. Jin is one of the few Asian Rappers in the industry. In this rap song, Jin admits this by saying “I've been blessed with a flow, spittin ever since. Some say I'm conceited, naw I'm just convinced. I ain't tryin to be a hater. Just say what I think.”
  8. Freestyle Battle. Eminem started out freestyle rapping his way to the top. Knowing he was a minority in the black Rap industry – “yeah I’m white but I never use that as an excuse that’s why I’m cleaning up your lyrics like a bottle of douche.” He issues a warning to any Freestyle Rapper challenging him – “so when I grab the mic you better think twice cuz I'll diss so bad I'll end your life.”
  9. Artifacts Freestyle. Canibus freestyles the lyrics to this Rap. Canibus has some of the best rap freestyle Lyrics as he talks about how people want to battle him – “N*ggas hear about me and discreetly set up a date to me, to see if they can defeat me.” However he expresses his confidence is battle – “So I ain't ready to let no motherf*cker eat me, thats why you find little pieces of emcees in my feces weekly.”
  10. 7 Minute Freestyle. This rap by the late Big L displays his mastery of freestyle rap. He talks of disrespecting women and his hatred of other players out on the street.  “And we live by the street rules that thugs created” – it is no surprise that he died by a shooting in Harlem.
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