10 Best Rap Freestyles

Here are the 10 best rap freestyles. Sometimes improvisation is best. Rap freestyle is when a rapper makes up his rhymes, like in a battle, and how fast he can spit them out. Many rappers have done it, but this list includes the best freestyles in the world of hip hop.

  1. Notorius BIG. Although Biggie is dead and buried, his rap legacy lives on after him. Biggie could battle with the best of them, and could lay those beats down!
  2. Snoop Dogg. Another giant of rap, Snoop Dogg can also spit better than anyone. With his cool vibe and his love of life, his lack of inhibition translates into a rap artist that can freestyle with the best of them.
  3. Eminem. Watching the film "8 Mile" you get a real taste of the effect of freestyle and what a battle is truly like.  But in this film, art imitates life, and proves that when it comes to the best freestyle, Eminem cannot be counted out.
  4. Jay Z. Before Beyonce and all of his productions, Jay Z could freestyle with the best of them.  A true master of lyrics and how to quickly spit them, Jay Z is a  pioneer when it comes to freestyle.
  5. Mos Def. With or without a beat, Mos Def can surely freestyle. If you have seen Def Poetry on cable, you have witnessed the greatness of Mos Def and his ability to string words together seamlessly.
  6. KRS One. From the streets of New York, KRS One had to learn to survive on his own. Freestyle is the same idea, you are out there on your own and must fight to survive. Krs One can battle with the best of them.
  7. RZA. From the "Wu Tang Clan", RZA can spit with the best of them. Check out any on-line videos, which you can download, and you will see that RZA can't be touched when it comes to the best freestyle.
  8. Big Daddy Kane. A former member of the "Juice Crew," Big Daddy Kane is considered a true master. His ability to rap quickly, without any hesitation, made him a rap pioneer in the late 80's.
  9. MC Juice. From Chicago, MC Juice is know for his ability to freestyle and even beat out fellow rapper, Eminem, in a freestyle battle. Improvisation is MC Juice's forte, and he can certainly prove it.
  10. Guru. Part of the hip hop duo, "Gang Star," Guru laid the foundation for the roots of rap freestyle. Another example of a master of lyrics and their presentation, Guru closes out the list of the best hip hop freestyle.
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