10 Best Rap Instrumentals For Ringtones

For people who really enjoy rap, and also have a cellphone capable of getting any ringtone they can possibly desire, finding the 10 best rap instrumentals for ringtones for them to set as one of their ringtones could certainly be an epic search. Luckily, out of the thousands of options, there are a few that rise above the rest to sound just great as a ringtone.

  1. Chiddy Bang – "Truth." Chiddy Bang is one of the best examples of "college rap" (Sorry, Asher Roth, but you kind of suck) and the beats are so impressive that they shine every time your phone rings. "Truth" is one of the best songs of 2010 and one of the best ringtones as well.
  2. MF Doom – "Fo Ti." When looking for rap ringtones, especially instrumental ones, you could throw a dart at any of the ten volumes of MF Doom's Special Herb series and find a great one, but Fo Ti stands out for its great "here's a message" sample in the very beginning.
  3. Mobb Deep – "The Realest." One of Mobb Deep's most underrated beats, the distinct opening instrumental seconds of "The Realest" make for a distinctive rap ringtone.
  4. Cormega – "What Did I Do?" Cormega came up in the 90s, well before ringtones were even on the radar, but "What Did I Do'?"s fantastic beat and instrumental opening seem tailormade for an epic rap ringtone.
  5. Black Milk – "Bounce." Black Milk's beats and instrumentals are almost without equal right now, each one sounding more fresh than the last. "Bounce" almost sounds like a ringtone to begin with.
  6. Deltron 3030 – "Things You Can Do." The forefathers of geek rap, Deltron 3030 still stand out. While the lyrics might be geeky, the beats are not. "Things You Can Do" is possibly the most recognizable song off a classic album, and the instrumental version will make you not want to answer your phone while it goes off as a ringtone.
  7. The Coup – "Pork and Beef." Conscious rap may be a dividing point, at least the label, within the rap community, but The Coup's socially conscious style was always supported by just nasty beats. Make sure you get the instrumental of this song though, or at least don't let your phone ring around any cops.
  8. Dr. Dre – "Nuthin' but a G Thang." Does anything even need to be said? The odds are that the instrumental of this classic song has already been your ringtone, probably back when ringtones were polyphonic beeps and blips.
  9. Black Star – "Re:Definition." Mos Def and Talib Kweli not only took over hip hop, but they were nice enough to release an instrumental version of one of the most classic rap albums of the 90s, so you don't even have to use an online search to find an instrumental ringtone of the best song on the album!
  10. Wu-Tang – "Protect Your Neck." It just wouldn't be fair to have a list of any sort even remotely related to rap and not have Wu-Tang make an appearance on it somewhere.
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