10 Best Rap Love Lyrics

These 10 best rap love lyrics deliver Cupid's arrow into their desired destination, expressing love without embarrassment. Men, whether they are rappers or not, often find it hard to communicate love and often censor their feelings. These rap lyrics prove that love has nothing to do with losing masculinity and everything to do with gaining humanity.

  1. A Tribe Called Quest "Electric Relaxation" "Shorty, let me tell you about my only vice / It has to do with lots of loving and it ain't nothing nice." Being addicted to love is probably the greatest type of compulsive behavior a man can have from a female point of view. Q-Tip also provokes curiosity about just how bad his need for love is.
  2. Outkast "Ms. Jackson" "King meets queen, then the puppy love thing / Together dream about that crib with the Goodyear swing." These lyrics of love find Andre 3000 describing the positive progression of a relationship with very few words. That vivid detail of a swing made from a tire adds a childhood memory that makes his fantasy more relatable.
  3. The Roots "You Got Me" "She said she loved my show in Paris at Elysee Montmartre and that I stepped off the stage and took a piece of her heart." Black Thought focuses his rap lyrics on connecting with a woman in the crowd at one of his performances. Instead of describing her as some kind of starstruck one night stand, he makes a more emotional bond with his admirer.
  4. De La Soul "Eye Know" "About those other Jennys I reckoned with lost them all like a homework excuse / This time the Magic Number is two 'cause it takes two, not three, to seduce." Using this classic excuse for not doing your homework as a metaphor for getting rid of casual relationships adds refreshing humor to the normally serious subject of love. De La's rap lyrics also benefit from their personal slang being injected: Jennys = girls.
  5. Drake "Best I Ever Had" "Sweatpants, hair tied, chilling with no make up on / That's when your the prettiest / I hope that you don't take it wrong." Drake's rap lyrics show his love and appreciation for natural beauty. This honest and often unheard statement makes his point with plenty of detail.
  6. Pete Rock and CL Smooth "I Got a Love" "Doing trials in latex lifestyles, boo /  I make you call my name and ask who it belongs to." This erotic episode of love takes rap lyrics to the level a romantic novel. CL keeps the attraction mutual in its intensity.
  7. Lil Wayne "Receipt" “I’m at home or in the coupe or in the office / Or the streets or in the booth, thinking bout you / And, most of the girls that come by are cute / And they try to hollar, but they all on mute." Lil Wayne has no problem admitting that other women try to get his attention, but that he has the disipline to focus on his true love. He even lists the places he probably frequents regularly that still can't distract him from thoughts of his lady.
  8. Eric B. & Rakim "What's On Your Mind" "Now tell me your inner thoughts and deepest emotions / Next you see ecstasy's explosions." Rakim formulates his rap lyrics into the shape of a heart, describing the importance that communication has in expressing love. The climatic end of this statement showcases the benefits of speaking your mind.
  9. Common "The Light" "You know I ain't the type to walk around with matching shirts / If relationship is effort I will match your work." Common's rap lyrics show that love a shared union, not a one-sided agenda. It's nice to know somebody else agrees that matching outfits are beyond corny. 
  10. Method Man "All I Need" "You made a brother feel like he was something / That's why I'm with you to this day boo no fronting." This has to be one of the most pure and earnest expressions of love ever heard in rap lyrics. Method Man doesn't sidestep from his feelings and makes them bold and clear.
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