10 Best Rap Pump Up Songs For Sports

Listening to at least one of the 10 best rap pump up songs for sports before a sporting event is sure to motivate you to compete at the top of your game. These inspirational rap lyrics and beats trigger a confidence boost in everyone that listens to them. These rap songs also stimulate the endorphins and give a great sense of confidence to put forth the best effort in the sporting event, following a "whatever means necessary to win" approach.

  1. “We Some Head Bussas” by Three Six Mafia. This song is a classic crunk club song that is certain to get the crowd moshing. It gets the adrenaline pumping quickly with its hardcore lyrics.
  2. “Hit a Muthaf&%ka” by Three Six Mafia. Calling out someone else’s bluff always gets the adrenaline pumped. It also triggers something in the mind that blasts a huge spark of confidence. This is surely the best way to get pumped when you are full of confidence.
  3. “B.M.F.” by Rick Ross, featuring Styles P. Outlining a true street group, this song inspires others to get as much money as possible. It feeds off the hype this true-life street group actually experienced.
  4. “A Milli” by Lil’ Wayne. The repetitive chorus of this rap song effortlessly pumps you up and gets you ready to face any challenge that may come your way during the sporting event. Coupled with the legendary Lil’ Wayne swag, this song is certain to get you pumped.
  5. “Corporate Thuggin’” by USDA. Young Jeezy and his group USDA seamlessly inspire anyone listening to the music to persevere through any challenges they may come across. The hardcore rap lyrics truly set the tone for a successful sports battle.
  6. “Put On” by Young Jeezy, featuring Kanye West. Displaying the successes of his hard work, Young Jeezy outlines how he has always had money and how he shares it with his city of Atlanta by showing it off every day. The cocky demeanor of this song is catchy and inspires the listener to get pumped up for any sport.
  7. “I’m Big Reese” by Big Reese, a.k.a. Pak-Man, featuring Lil’ Boosie. Lil’ Boosie is best known for rapping about how he overcame hard challenges in his life. When he collaborated with Pak-Man, who has also overcome many life challenges, it was truly an inspiring experience. "I’m Big Reese" is essentially an album that has hypnotizing beats, and the lyrics explore why they call him "Big Reese." This song gets you ready to face the world.
  8. “Wasted” by Gucci Mane, featuring Plies. This song explores how to face different situations without thinking about them too much. Gucci Mane has a catchy beat, and the verses help paint the picture of partying and relaxing. It gets you pumped for a sporting event by putting your mind in a stress-free environment.
  9. “O Let’s Do It” by Waka Flocka Flame. This song is a classic club song that has a beat which forces you to rock to it without you even realizing it. It reeks of confidence, and the confidence level is catchy. This is the perfect song to get pumped up with before a sporting event.
  10. “Miss Me” by Drake, featuring Lil’ Wayne. Anything with Lil’ Wayne in it gets you pumped for any event. Drake uses the golden touch of Lil’ Wayne to deliver a confident mindset to anyone that listens. This is a great way to pump up for a sporting event.
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