10 Best Rap Song Quotes

The rap genre tends to have many clever lyrics that make people get surprised, laugh, or sometimes even cringe; so from slick as snot to cold as ice, here is the list of 10 of the best rap song quotes ever for your entertainment.  

  1. "I'm cooler than a polar bears toenails." Written by the band "Outkast, the song "ATLiens" states that the singer is "cooler than a polar bears toenails. We know that you can get much cooler than that. 
  2. "She ride it like a thoroughbred." In the song sang by "Ciara," the rapper "Ludacris" states that Ciara can "Ride it like a thoroughbred." A thoroughbred is a breed of horse commonly used for horse racing. 
  3. "Ask Beavis, I get nothin' But head." "Lil Flip" used this hilarious rap line and made millions of Beavis and Butthead fans everywhere fall in love with his music. 
  4. "Like a man with no arms, you can't hang." "Wu-Tang clan" is popular for many similes in their rap, but "Like a man with no arms, you can't hang" became an instant favorite among Wu-Tang lovers.    
  5.  "Young, black, and famous, with money hanging out the anus." "Can't nobody hold me down" by "Puff Daddy" made listeners roll while holding their sides. Cleaver and funny as it is, it doesn't make Puff Daddy laugh, because it is the truth.
  6. "I get more butt than ashtray." "Notorious B.I.G." opens the song "Flava in ya ear" with the line "I get more butt than ashtray," stating that he is a pimp. The clever analogy has become a popular one liner. 
  7. "I got more hos than the o-zone." The artist "Silkk The Shocker" stated this lyric in the song "My Car." Silkk is referring to having more girls than the ozone layer has holes. 
  8. “Call me Mr. Flintstone/I can make your bed rock!” Young Money wrote and performed these lyrics. The popular lyrics by Young Money became an instantkorny/funny pickup line. 
  9. "Im awesome, A quarter of my life has gone by, Im awesome, I met all my friends online." The band "Spose" wrote this hilarious rap lyric that reflects the lives of many middle aged people in 2010. 
  10. "you like a bitch with no ass you aint got shit."  Lil Wayne wrote and performed this provocative, but funny lyric that many people are rapidly adopting for their trash talking. 
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