10 Best Rap Songs Of 2005

Some of the 10 best rap songs of 2005 seemed to come out of nowhere. Who would expect Gorillaz to be on this list? Yet, there are also lots of Kanye and Lil Wayne, much like the kind of list you might put together for 2010.

  1. Kanye West with "Diamonds (from Sierra Leone)" — Here Kanye raps about something other than himself. Is it a miracle? Perhaps it is. 
  2. Gorillaz ft. De La Soul with "Feel Good Inc." — This is an offshoot of Blur. Blur once fought it out with Oasis to be the best band in England. These guys sure make better rap than Oasis might have made.
  3. Lil' Kim with "Lighters Up" — This finger-snapping good track makes you wonder where all the great female rappers are now. Girls rule the pop charts, but males dominate rap. That's not fair.
  4. Chamillionaire with "Ridin'" — Hey, this is more than just the inspiration for a Weird Al song. It's also pretty cool in its own right. Go ahead, ride dirty with Chamillionaire.
  5. Kanye West ft. Lupe Fiasco with "Touch The Sky" — Do you think he can touch the sky? Kanye thinks he can touch the sky. And, who are you to argue with him?
  6. The Game with "Dreams" — The Game is a man in charge. How can you not respect rap like this? This is not wimpy pop music with a rap over it. It's a man making a firm statement, instead.
  7. Common with "Be" –This Common track is stark and to the point. With it he's saying, "Listen to me." And you darn well better!
  8. 50 Cent with "Hustler's Ambition" — This is blaxploitation music. But, it is also great blaxploitation music. If Curtis Mayfield were still with us, maybe this is what he'd sound like.
  9. Fat Joe with "Safe 2 Say (The Incredible)" — Uh, Fat Joe is not exactly playing it safe here. He is unsafe and insane, instead. But, do you really want safe rap music?
  10. Lil Wayne ft. Robin Thicke with "Shooter" — Yes, this is a track that makes Lil Wayne come off relaxed and soulful. Yep, it happened. Believe it or not, Lil Wayne has a soulful side.
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