10 Best Rap Songs About Cheating

The 10 best rap songs about cheating are synonymous with the culture in which rappers live their lives. From Dr. Dre to Shaggy, it is almost a right of passage to sing a song about cheating on a significant other. So, without further ado, here are the 10 best rap songs about cheating:

1. F*** You – Dr. Dre: This song is the epitome of cheating. It talks about how the rappers use all of these women who are already in relationships. The song became the last single from the release 2001 and is the best rap songs about cheating.

2. It Wasn't Me – Shaggy: So catchy, the song just has an awesome ring to it. Maybe it is Shaggy's unusual voice or the fact that the entire song is about how his girlfriend caught him cheating. Whatever the case may be, this song shows the other side of cheating which everybody fears: Getting caught.

3. I Don't Want You Back – Eamon: Just a good song where he pours his heart out about a girl that cheated on him. Does he cry? No he doesn't. Like a typical rapper, he just doesn't care. A good example of one of the 10 best rap songs about cheating.

4. Trapped in The Closet – R. Kelly: The dude peed on a girl, just saying. He obviously isn't worried about his relationships about women and this song shows how he could care less about his women. He feels bad about cheating but he's a rapper which means he doesn't care as much as he shows.

5. Crampin' My Style – UGK: This is a break-up song which lets a significant other know that the one night stands have been better than the relationships. Bun B of UGK lets his girl know that the woman isn't worth his time when there are other women to be had. The line "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!" does a great job of pointing out his feelings on his girl.

6. Hit 'Em Up – Tupac: The beginning lyrics sum up the song so well. While not entirely a song on cheating, Pac's words about what he did with Biggie's girl is enough to describe this song as exactly that. This war was intense and it was this song that became the anthem of it for sure. This makes 10 best rap songs about cheating by the intensity of the song alone.

7. Paper Thin – MC Lyte: This woman is crazy! This song is about her beating down her man and cheats on him because he cheated on her. Talk about a woman scorned, MC Lyte just tore this guy up on the track. To think, we all thought Alanis had some problems.

8. Don't Lie – Black Eyed Peas: The guy admits to cheating and wants to fix it, how sweet right? Well maybe it is a bit. This song is just really catchy and a good all around song. Listen to the lyrics and think about them, a very good song that belongs in the 10 best rap songs about cheating.

9. If Your Girl Only Knew – Aaliyah: May she rest in peace, this song is absolutely amazing. Aaliyah is the mistress and allowing this man to cheat, picture that. Timbaland also lays down an amazing track to round the song out as well.

10. Hey Lover – LL Cool J: On old school awesome song. LL Cool J can get any woman he wants and back then was no different. This song is about LL Cool J tapping a chick who has a boyfriend. He is falling in love with her though which works because its LL Cool J. 

Those are the 10 best rap songs about cheating that have emotional value, good lyrics and awesome beats. What more could someone ask for in a song? For traditional rappers, it would probably be guns and violence but that is a different category altogether. 

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