10 Best Rap Songs About Drinking

Here are the ten best rap songs about drinking to make your perfect drinking playlist. When you are planning a night of great drinking you love rap songs that talk about drinking, so here are the ten best raps songs to enjoy while getting your drink on.

  1. “Gin and Jucie” by Snoop Doggy Dogg is the best rap song about drinking. “Gin and Juice” was Snoop's second single and it is still staying strong on the list of best rap songs ever released, especially when you narrow the list to best rap songs about drinking. 
  2. J-Kwon may not be a rapper you know very well, but his hit song “Tipsy” is one of the best rap songs ever made that talk about drinking! “Tipsy” was released in 2004 and quickly climbed the charts, but you will still hear this one in clubs and on the radio on a regular basis! If you know rap, you know this song.
  3. While Asher Roth has not been around very long, his hit “I Love College” cannot be left off the list of best rap songs about drinking. This hit song is all about the many parties that Asher Roth attended while going to school at Chester University. The song clearly explains Asher’s favorite part of college included a lot of drinking.
  4. “My Drink n My 2 Step” by Cassidy is a hit rap song talking all about drinking and dancing. What two things go hand in hand more than drinking and dancing? According to Cassidy and everyone who made this song a number one hit, nothing!
  5. Afroman makes hit rap songs about drinking just as well as he does about smoking. “Colt 45” is a hit rap song by Afroman that focuses on malt liquor and his adventures while enjoying the drink.
  6. Jamie Foxx and T-Pain make a rap song about alcohol that we all can relate to with “Blame It.” Jamie Foxx and T-Pain created the perfect rap song talking about drinking in the most common way with this one. “Blame it” is all about blaming everything that happens in a night out on the buzz that you got from your alcohol.
  7. “Brass Monkey” by Beastie Boys is one rap song about drinking that will always be considered one of the best! This song is still included in the list of hit rap songs talking about drinking.
  8. D12 was not a hit group for all that long but this rap song “40 oz” is definitely one of the best drinking songs out there. This whole song is an anthem for getting drunk. “Pour the 40 out!! Guzzle it! Pour the 40 out! Guzzle it!” seems to be the mantra this rap group likes to chant.
  9. “Tequila Sunrise.” If it’s not the best cocktail drink, this Cypress Hill classic is definitely is one of the best rap songs about drinking.
  10. Lil Wayne is one of the best rappers, so of course he has one of the best rap songs talking about alcohol, with “Me and My Drink." If you haven't heard it, pour a drink and pop this cd in.
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