10 Best Rap Songs About Friendship

With the amount of bragging that goes on in rap music, it's harder than other genres to come up with the 10 best rap songs about friendship. Rappers don't want to be your friend. They want to be your god, but there are exceptions to this rule.

  1. "I Ain't Mad at Cha" 2Pac With 2Pac's gang history, it's a good thing he isn't mad at you. After all, he still has street cred. It's for this reason his friendship carries a lot of weight.
  2. "Never Had a Friend Like Me" 2Pac Even 2Pac brags about being a friend? Is there anything these guys won't brag about? You might suspect they'd brag about V.D. if they ever got the notion. Nevertheless, friendship is a great thing and if someone is bragging about a friend, he could be doing much worse.
  3. "A'Yo Kato" DMX DMX is a little rough around the edges on this one. Think of him as your weird friend. You know you have a few of those.
  4. "Where'd You Go'' Fort Minor They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone. That's what Fort Minor is expressing here. Love your loved ones while you got 'em.
  5. "Best Friends" 50 Cent featuring Olivia What must it be like to be 50 Cent's best friend? Since 50 Cent has lost all that weight, is he now half the friend he used to be? Sure, that's not cool, but you have to admit it's funny.
  6. "Best Friend" Brandy Most guys would love to be Brandy's best friend, but not because they want to go shopping with her. They'd like to be removing clothes with her. But that's not friendship–that's lust.
  7. "I Wish" R. Kelly R. Kelly misses smoking weed with his friend. Sure, that may not be the way all friends behave together. However, R. Kelly is just being real.
  8. "Just Friends" Musiq Soulchild These are two words men hate to hear. What do you mean, "just friends"? It means she only likes you as a friend. And you don't want to be just friends, brother.
  9. "Hold You Down" Jennifer Lopez featuring Fat Joe You might imagine those on "American Idol" will want to be friends with Jennifer Lopez now that she's a judge on the show. They hope she won't hold them down.
  10. "I'll Be Missing You" P. Diddy Sure, he stole the melody from a Sting song and that particular Sting song was not a nice, loving song. But P. Diddy turned it into a loving memory of those that have passed on.
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