10 Best Rap Songs About Love

Want to know the 10 best rap songs about love? Rap songs about love can be hit or miss, usually the latter in most cases, because it's difficult to produce a rap track about love without sounding too hardcore or sounding too soft. Rap love songs can be sensitive and deep without sounding corny, but it takes the right lyrics and the right artist to execute it. Here are 10 rap songs about love that hit the nail right on the head.


  1. "Only You (Remix)" by 112. This is the ultimate rap and R&B all-star track. The remix of 112's hit breakout single "Only You" features Notorious B.I.G. and Mase with the guest vocals of Puff Daddy all throughout. The track breaks open with Puffy's intro and Notorious B.I.G.'s hard-hitting rap verse, but the song maintains its club tempo as it delves into the soothing sounds of 112 and then into charismatic rap verse executed by Mase.
  2. "All I Need" by Fat Joe. Fat Joe enlists the talents of R&B singer Tony Sunshine and rapper Armageddon to help bring out the soft spot in him. "All I Need" is a deep love ballad that is cleverly mixed with rap; both Fat Joe and Armageddon execute their parts well without overwhelming the tenderness of Tony Sunshine or the nature of the song itself.
  3. "All I Have" by Jennifer Lopez. Jennifer Lopez and LL Cool J display excellent chemistry on this hot rap track about love and loss. Based around and sampled from the 1981 Debra Laws classic "Very Special," the song portrays LL Cool J and J-Lo as two former lovers who have since departed and are now suffering from a case of the holiday blues, as both are alone on the holidays reminiscing on the good and bad times they shared.
  4. "Love Is Blind" by Eve. If there's anyone who can do sing-along rap songs as good as Jay-Z, it's none other than Eve. In "Love Is Blind," Eve, along with Faith Evans, speaks on the pitfalls of love and how it knows no color, personality, abuse or attitude. Plus, there's a fantastic and clear message about relationships and abuse.
  5. "Put It On Me" by Ja Rule. Ja Rule pays tribute to the game of love with female rapper Vita and R&B singer Lil' Mo on one of the biggest rap love songs of the 2000s, "Put It On Me." The song treats the male and female counterparts of a relationship as if they were buddies, something akin to a close best friend relationship.
  6. "4Ever" by  Lil' Mo. Lil' Mo and Fabolous team up to make couples dance, love each other and aspire to dedicate themselves even more to their relationship, forever. While the rapping aspect by Fabolous isn't as good as it should be, the real star of the track is Lil' Mo. Nevertheless, this rap love song is one of a kind.
  7. "I Need A Girl, Part 1" by P. Diddy. With clean-cut and easy-to-understand lyrics, the soothing charm of Usher and a tragic mid-tempo beat, "I Need A Girl Part 1" pits hit-makers P. Diddy and Usher together to tell the tragic story of a man reminiscing on what went wrong in his past relationship and his journey to find the right person and the path to healing.
  8. "Into You" by Fabolous. This laid-back, danceable track analyzes how deep a couple's love for each other is. Fabolous and Tamia do a fantastic job of portraying the boyfriend and girlfriend roles on this song. Fabolous is great here on the subject, but this track wouldn't be anything without the sounds of sweet Tamia.
  9. "Superwoman (Remix)" by Lil' Mo. Lil' Mo and Fabolous team up once again. This rap love song is an electronic and hip-hop fused track that makes for a sizzling and feverish jam to move with. "Superwoman" has a woman dedicating her all to her man, vowing to protect him from any harm, hence the title.
  10. "Hot Like Fire" by Aaliyah. With Timbaland and Missy Elliott's help, Aaliyah tells the story of a girl who just met a guy she's likes but who isn't ready to give it up yet; when she is ready though, she promises that it will be an amazing experience.
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