10 Best Rap Songs About Obama

Here are ten of the best rap songs about Obama. Even before the presidential campaign started, there were rappers writing about the candidates. Here are possibly the ten best rap songs about Obama. Some were even written before the actual campaigning even started, while some were written after Obama was elected president.

  1. “It’s Time, Stand Up” – Question (Daniel Boskind). This rap came out during the time of the election.  It encourages people to let their voices be heard and get out and vote.
  2. “Obama Jam” – Bizzy Boy.  This rap describes Obama’s life from childhood through the time he ran for president.  It talks about some political topics and how people should get out and vote.
  3. “Vote Barak Obama” – Christ Bendt.  This is a rap song about voting for change by voting for Barak Obama.  It discusses how important voting can be towards making a change.
  4. “CNN Obama Rap Song – – The Ba Rock Song " features Gregory Reese rapping about Obama when he was running for president.  It was featured on CNN’s I Report.  It was first posted on YouTube in support of the presidential candidate. The song is done with the United States flag as background.
  5.  “Memories/Letter to Obama” – Joell Ortiz.  This is a letter written to let the president know how bad life is in the projects.  He is asking Obama to help make life better for people.
  6. “Obama in the White House” – Wolveryne.   This song discusses black History.  Wolvyrene wishes his ancestors could have seen the change that has come with the election of a black president.
  7. “Change the World (Black Precedent)” – MC Lars.  This rap encourages people to get out and vote to make a change.  It also discusses creating change by electing a black president.
  8. “Why (Remix)” – Jadakiss featuring Common, Nas and Styles P.  This rap came out around the first time Obama was suggested as a possible presidential candidate.  It has words like “Why is Bush acting like he's trying to get Osama? Why don’t we impeach him and elect Obama.”
  9. “Black President” – Nas.  The theme of this rap encourages all people to eliminate racial hatred. This hatred would be eliminated by voting for Obama and the hope for change that he brings.
  10. “The People” – Common.  The rap singer Common is from Chicago and one of Obama’s best supporters.  He wrote many raps, including this one that showed his support for Obama.

Hundreds of rap songs about Obama were written by people from all walks of life during the campaign and after his election.  The main thrust of the earlier ones was to get out and vote and the later ones were written in support of the changes Obama wanted to make.

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