10 Best Rap Songs About Weed

The 10 best rap songs about weed help celebrate the love of cannabis as a lot of hip hop stars indulged in the mary jane and spit out lyrics to show their true appreciation for the buzz. These rap songs about weed also tried to best promote the legalization of marijuana for many years despite the controversy it has caused amongst people. Here are the 10 best rap songs about weed:

  1. "Budda Lovaz" – Bone Thugs N' Harmony: This group from Cleveland really gets the party started. This ode to the stinky green is a true dedication.
  2. "Hits from the Bong" – Cypress Hill: These Latino rappers have been supporting the legalization of weed for many years. This song right here will get your lighters blazing.
  3. "Many Clouds of Smoke" – Total Devastation: Roll one up and pass the joint for these guys. This weed song will have you grooving to beats about the haze of the good stuff.
  4. "I Got Five On It" – Luniz: This is a true weed rap song classic. This cut goes into the exploits of these dudes enjoying the weed as they roll about town.
  5. "Blueberry Yum Yum" – Ludacris: The mouth from the South comes through here with another hot one. The rap song blows the roof about the love for weed.
  6. "Because I Got High" – Afroman: Another dude who promotes his love for weed. The funny song is dedicated to the hilarity that ensues with the enjoyment of getting high.
  7. "High All the Time" – 50 Cent: Here is Fiddy coming through with his own song for weed. He lets loose with his devotion to toking on the blunt.
  8. "High Till I Die" – Tupac: The one of the greatest MCs throws his hat into the ring. This is just a sample of the weed devotion this rapper puts on display.
  9.  "Smoke Weed Everyday" – Snoop Dogg: A true disciple of the Mary Jane is here with this jam. Though every track of his is laced with weed love, this one ain't a bad way to start.
  10. "Kryptonite" – Purple Ribbon All Stars: Hot beats color this song about the need for weed. These dudes are high all day and they are not afraid to admit it! 
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