10 Best Rap Songs To Dedicate To Your Girlfriend

Ever wonder what the "10 Best Rap Songs to Dedicate to Your Girlfriend" are? Rap song typically aren't used to sweep a girl off of he feet, but if played correctly and with the right girl, you just might find yourself in the arms of that special girl from one of these songs. Here are the "10 Best Rap Songs to dedicate to Your Girlfriend".

  1. "Find Your Love" – Drake. This song is one that is sure to please. This is as close as you can get to a love song in Rap version. Drake definitely outdid himself and earned the right to sit atop the "10 Best Rap Songs to Dedicate to your Girlfriend" list. 
  2. "Faithful" – Common. This song is amazing. It is a great way to truly show that special someone that you are dedicated to them and only them. The recipient of this dedication is sure to feel special. 
  3. "You Got me" – The Roots ft. Jill Scott. This song will have you feeling the artistry that is "The Roots". The musicianship is amazing, the soul and passion behind the loving lyrics is just one of a kind that is unfortunately lost in most music today. This is an amazing rap choice to dedicate to your girlfriend.
  4. "I Need Love" – LL Cool J. This song was an instant classic. The title pretty much says it all, and it will speak to the heart of any girl that is presented it as a token of love. That is why this is a very suitable choice as one of the "10 Best Rap Songs to Dedicate to Your Girlfriend."
  5. "All I Need" – Method Man featuring Mary J. Blige. This song is putting one's heart out there on the line for that special someone. It is saying that they are that special person that they need in their life and nothing else. It is a very deep and meaningful song for a couple to cherish amongst one another. 
  6. "The Light" – Common. Common is just proving to have the knowledge about love and just how to touch the heart of a woman. This song is trying to tell his woman that she has been the "Light" that makes him want to be a better man. If this isn't worthy to be one of the "10 Best Rap Songs to Dedicate to Your Girlfriend," then not sure what is.
  7. "My Chick Bad" – Ludacris. This is an awesome song to dedicate to your girlfriend cause it is a song that shows pride in her and how much you cherish her talents and want the world to know. It takes a certain type of girl for this song to be received as a romantic gesture, but there are those that might. All the same, this rap tune is still a great fit to dedicate to your girlfriend.
  8. "Me and My Girlfriend" – Tupac. This song sits as a classic in the hip hop world. Tupac had a way with words that made it more than just rap, but poetry. If this song is dedicated to your girlfriend, she will know that you really care and want to give her the best in quality lyrics when it comes to a dedication. 
  9. "Bonnie & Clyde" – Beyonce & Jay-Z. This song is the ultimate "teammate" lover song. This song says that you are down to ride side by side together no matter what. 
  10. "Best I Ever Had" – Drake. This song is saying just that, that whomever this song is played for that they are the best thing to ever happen to you. This is one that is sure to please that right girl. 
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