10 Best Rap Songs To Run To

The ten best rap songs to run to are those songs that make you want to run. Some rap songs are just too slow to run to. So, if you're thinking of some hard, but slow beat, then that particular rap song won't make this list. Sorry. When you're running, the pace of the rap song you choose has to match or surpass your pace. You may think you've just shortened the list of rap songs that could make this particular list,  but don't fool yourself. There are boat loads of rap songs you can run to. But, here are the ten best.

  1. "Da Art of Storytellin' Pt. 2" The pace of this song is so quick, just listening do it can get you winded. This is an Outkast track from their second album, "Aquemini". Both Andre 3000 and Big Boi jump on the beat like they're running track. Listen to this song and you'll be running too.
  2. "Follow The Leader" This classic Rakim jam is the perfect song to hit the track with. The rap song starts of fast, and just gets faster as the song continues. The music builds up tension in an audible form. Every time the beat hits and the music pounds, your heart races faster and faster.
  3. "You Don't Want Drama"  This fast paced banger is from the Eightball and MJG album, "Living Legends". You'll be so submersed in the beat and the lyrics, you'll forget you were running in the first place.
  4. "X" OK, so Xzibit's mediocre rap career didn't lead to anywhere but hosting a car chop shop show. He did make some bangers though. His song entitled "X" is not only one of his best, it's a great rap song to run to. Then again, what would you expect? Dr. Dre produced this jam.
  5. "I'm So Hood Remix" What better to run to, than a six minute song full of some of the hottest rappers of 2009? Yeah this song is nearly six minutes long and every rapper on the track, save maybe two guys, kills the beat. Just like the rest of the joints on this list, the beat is very hard and has a solid pace. Perfect for running with.
  6. "Speedin'" This Rick Ross song is a killer. It has at least three remixes floating around. All of them are hot, and all of them are quite fast. Pick your posiion with any of the remixes you like and get running.
  7. "Halftime" This Hip Hop classic can be found on Nas' first album, "Illmatic". The beat is gritty, but it's fast. Nas jumps on the beat like Jessie Owens. He burns the track. Similarly, you'll be tearing up the asphalt running with this song banging in your eardrums.
  8. "Adrenaline Rush" Ironically, it's not the beat on this Twista song that'll give you a rush. The beat is actually rather slow. No, it's how fast Twista can rhyme over the track that'll make your head spin. It's the perfect song to run with.
  9. "Mic Check" The gritty, hardcore Juelz Santana kills this song. But, it's the beat you should be worried about. It's very fast paced with hard drum loops. It'll make you think you're in a boxing ring. So yeah, you can run to it.
  10. "Beware" Jay-Z and the Punjabi MC created a hit with this one. It has a very unique, Middle Eastern inspired music sample that's laced over a very hard drum beat. Throw this on, lace your shoes, and hit the track. 
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