10 Best Rap Songs For Weightlifting

Are you interested in finding out the 10 best rap songs for weightlifting? Music has a way of motivating and pushing us in life in ways that nobody can quite explain. Music in itself has the power to bring some to tears, calm moods, or get the adrenaline pumping in order to lift more and enable us to push ourselves to achieve higher goals. For the rap or hip hop genre of music, here are the top ten best rap songs for weightlifting. 

  1. Eminem, "Fight Music" This song has an amazing beat with the power to make you feel like you are the king of the world, and that you can bench-press the world. This one is more than worthy of the number one spot in the top ten best rap songs list.
  2. House of Pain, "Jump Around" This old school rap song has the catchy lyrics that are sure to motivate in any workout. This one would be great for cardio type weight training or circuits that requires for your heart rate to be up and pumping. Definitely a motivating song on the top ten best rap songs for weightlifting. 
  3. Eminem, "Lose Yourself" This song was used as the motivating pump-up anthem for those that were about to battle in the hip hop world. This song has the same effect in the gym as well. This is truly one of the best picks for top ten best rap songs for weightlifting. 
  4. Drake, "Forever" This song has hip hop's best rappers teaming up to bring you a powerhouse of a song that just makes you want to keep going with your workout. This song is guaranteed to please, and is a must have among the top ten best rap songs for weightlifting. 
  5. Archie Eversole, "We Ready" This song is one that is basically saying that we are ready for whatever anyone throws our way. The same mentality can be taken towards any piece of weight equipment in the gym. 
  6. P-Diddy, "Hello, Good Morning" This song is upbeat and motivating with the lyrics instilling a sense of superiority to all others amongst you. If this song doesn't pump you up and get you ready for some big gains in the gym, then you might want to check your pulse. Definitely a great pick for one of the top ten best rap songs for weightlifting. 
  7. DMX, "Ruff Ryders Anthem" What an amazing song to get the juices flowing before a weightlifting workout. This song just builds a sense of power within that makes you feel like you could lift a Buick. A must have in your MP3 player as one of the top ten best rap songs for weightlifting. 
  8. Bone Crusher, "Never Scared" This song instills just that feeling stated in the title; the feeling of never being scared of any challenge set before you. Whether it be in everyday life or in the gym, this song gives you the power to take on anything. 
  9. P-Diddy, "Victory" This song delivers the goods in a big way when it comes to making you feel pumped up and ready for a strenuous workout. This song makes you feel good and eager to lift more and more each time you step foot into the gym.
  10. Sugar Hill Gang "Rapper's Delight" This song is not quite the ego-building piece that the other selections are, but it is a great "feel good" selection to compliment the great feeling that comes with the endorphins produced with exercise. This song will get your spirits high and in a great mood to lift with the best attitude possible. Great choice to round of the top ten best rap songs for weightlifting.
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