10 Best Rapping Lyrics Ever

Lyrics in music have always held a special purpose, especially in rap, so here are the ten best rapping lyrics ever. These are the lyrics that you don't see coming and hit you hard. They can only come from true inspiration.

  1. "It gets tedious, so I keep one eye open like CBS." A lyric by Jay-Z from the song ''Can I Live'', who claims to be the king of rap, it doesn't take much to understand why this rap lyric is so ingenious.
  2. "I'm taking one for the team, like Martin Luther King, taking one for a dream." Method Man is famous for his lyrics, and this line from ''Dirty Mef'' lives up to those expectations.
  3. "Pass the bone, kid pass the bone, let's get on this mission like Indiana Jones." GZA and the rest of the Wu-Tang Clan had some clever rap lyrics, this one is from ''Clan in Da Front'," and this could easily be the most clever one ever.
  4. ''She like a crack addict, she saw me cookin' eggs she thought I was back at it.'' Lil Wayne unleashed to the world some of the best original lyrics ever, this is only a very small taste of his talent. From the song ''Stuntin' Like My Daddy''
  5. "Know what you did last summer, so I started hookin'." A rap lyric related to the movie ''I Know What You Did Last Summer,'' by Method Man. Who knew rap would be so related to other pieces of pop culture?
  6. ''I am a beast, feed me rappers or feed me beats.'' A classic rap lyric from Lil Wayne from DJ Khaled's song ''We Taking Over'' featuring many other artists.
  7. "Now here's a funky introduction of how nice I am, Tell your mother, tell your father, send a telegram." Phife Dawg might not get enough appreciation from the media nowadays, but back when he was in his prime, this was the best example ever, from ''Check The Rhyme''.
  8. ''. . .Take your head off your shoulders, mail it to your moms full of dozens of roses.'' One of the best strangely disturbing lyrical lines from Lil Wayne from the song ''The Sky Is The Limit'', or ever really. But if you could get over it, there's a lot to be said about this rap song lyric.
  9. ''Cash rules everything around me.'' Not only the basis of one of the Wu-Tang Clan's best songs ''C.R.E.A.M'', but also a rap lyric that's been repeated in songs over and over again.
  10. "Be a witness, as I exercise my exorcism." Too Poetic serves his stage name well, and it becomes too obvious with this one of the best rap song lyrics ever.
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